Online Shoppers Purchasing on Internet More, Shopping In Stores Less

According to a new survey by BIGresearch, 44.8% of online shoppers say they are making more online purchases than they did a year ago and 37.8% are shopping in stores less.  And it seems that the reason could be as simple as the “Four P’s” — Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

When going head-​to-​head, online retailers beat traditional “brick and mortar” stores when it comes to online shoppers’ perception of product assortment, price and promotion, but fall short when it comes to customer service.

Online Shoppers 18+

Where do you find the best assortment?
Online 46.3%
In Stores 16.0%
Same 37.6%

Where do you get the best price?
Online 50.2%
In Stores 14.4%
Same 35.4%

Which has the best sales/​promotions?
Online 35.0%
In Stores 28.6%
Same 36.4%

Where do you get the best customer service?
Online 19.8%
In Stores 49.7%
Same 30.5%

Interestingly, 70% of online shoppers prefer to shop at an online retailer that also has a traditional storefront. Further, 62.3% would rather make a return in-​person in a store; 27.4% say they would rather ship it back.

Of those who shopped online for holiday gifts this past season, 55.9% say they shopped at on online only retail site, making it the most shopped retailer type. Discount (45.1%), Department (30.9%), Electronic (25.4%) and Auction (24.8%) retail sites round out the top five.

48.4% say that they enjoyed the shopping experience at a brick and mortar retail store and an online retailer equally. 32.9% say they liked the online experience most; 13.7% say in store.

[Source:  The American Pulse Survey.  BIGresearch.  12 Jan. 2011.  Web.  13 Jan. 2011.]