Online Sources Grow in Importance when Making Anti-​Aging Skincare Purchase Decisions

The "Anti-​Aging Skincare Consumer Report," by The NPD Group, reports that while friends and family recommendations and the availability of samples are still the leading purchase influencers for women looking to buy anti-​aging facial skincare products, online sources are making more of an impact in 2012, compared to 2010. skincare

The percentage of women who found information through searches done online increased the most since 2010, compared to other influences that either stayed the same or decreased slightly.

In addition to information found through searches done online, more women today report they are educated via Internet community websites like Facebook and Twitter (21% vs. 16%), and blogs (19% vs. 16%) as compared to two years ago.

In contrast, magazine/​newspaper advertisements appear to have less of an impact today as compared to 2010 (50% vs. 54%).

Success in the anti-​aging skincare category is largely governed by product efficacy perceptions,” said Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst, The NPD Group. “Women are willing to pay for products that they believe work. Effective products tend to generate buzz that leads to positive word of mouth as well as online chatter with regards to reviews and blogs that serve as key influencers. As an industry we want to continue to innovate and create products that address the wide variety of aging concerns for women of all ages and ethnicities,” said Grant.

[Source:  "Anti-​Aging Facial Skincare Consumer Report."  The NPD Group.  17 Jan. 2013 Web.  18 Jan. 2013.]