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SalesFuel Conducts First Voice of the Sales Rep Survey

SalesFuel collected responses from 725 salespeople at companies with 10 employees or more across the United States starting in December 2016 to learn their experiences on the job, with their direct managers and with their companies.

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Company Rebranded as SalesFuel

SalesFuel In December 2015, the company was rebranded as SalesFuel. The company’s name fulfills its promise of turning its deep business intelligence databases into big insights for sales professionals who work in other types of businesses — such as medical sales, retail, insurance and B2B services — as well as sales mangers.
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AdMall Launches Digital Audit Sales Tool

The company's AdMall division announced the launch of our new Digital Audit —  a SaaS tool designed to help media account executives sell digital advertising and marketing services more consultatively — in March 2014.
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Smith Becomes One of World's First Gitomer Certified Advisors

Our CEO, C. Lee Smith, became one of only 65 Gitomer Certified Advisors worldwide in October 2013 — authorized to train and teach the works of Jeffrey Gitomer to media sales teams. Gitomer is the author of twelve best-​selling books including The Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling. The Gitomer Learning Academy interactive sales training system was added to our product family in November 2013.
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AdMall Conducts First State of Media Sales Survey

Filling a void left behind by trade publications, AdMall released its first Local Ad Sales Forecast in January 2010 to help sales managers prepare for the upcoming year and have benchmarks compare their market to national averages. The study was renamed State of Media Sales for the 2016 edition to reflect the prevalence of digital marketing services being sold by media sales teams.
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First AudienceSCAN Study is Launched

AudienceSCAN-logo-stacked The company launched the Ad-​ology Audience Interests+Attitudes report series focusing on consumer psychographics, media usage, and attitudes toward advertising. The annual study was greatly expanded in 2013 and renamed AudienceSCAN.[/intense_timeline_event] [intense_​timeline_​event type="custom" date="2009–08-01" images="7047" color="#e8e8e8" use_content="1"]

Company Releases First Smartphone App

original-iphone-appThe company released the Marketing Forecast. The mobile app was one of the first-​ever marketing apps for the Apple iPhone and was downloaded by over 12,000 people in the first four months. The company released the Media Sales Mobile — our second smartphone app for media salespeople — in May 2010. The app ranked as high as 19th in downloaded business apps during its first two months.
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SalesFuel Becomes 1 of 5 NSAC Research Partners

Ad-​ology becomes one of five American Advertising Federation research partners for the National Student Ad Competition. Ad-​ology also provides a scholarship and an award to the college team with the Best Use of Marketing Research. Our company CEO and VP of Sales well both participants in the competition in college.
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Company Expands Again, Moves Into Current Headquarters

Expansion needs and water damage to The SDS Building caused the company to move into its new, larger company headquarters in Westerville, Ohio in April 2008. SDS would take more space in the same building in November 2013 to accompany future growth.
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AdMall PRO Launched

The company launched its new AdMall PRO package of presentation+proposal tools which includes mapping, charting, advertiser e‑newsletters and premium data options from AdMall partners. In October 2007, a complete sales presentation building web application added to AdMall PRO that taps directly into AdMall sales intelligence databases.
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Company Sponsors The Sales Centre at Ohio University

Our company became the first corporate sponsor of the media/​advertising certificate at Ohio University's Sales Centre. At the time, one of only 11 such major college programs in the United States. To this day, the company still sponsors The Sales Centre's annual sales symposium.
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Media Sales Today Blog Launched

Our first two blogs — Media Sales Today and Marketing Forecast — were launched in 2006. Marketing Forecast content is now part of SalesFuel Today.
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AdMall for Agencies Launched

aowebsite_v01aSalesFuel originally launched AdMall for Agencies under the Ad-​ology moniker in August 2005. The official launch party was held as the remnants of Hurricane Katrina moved through Ohio. Ad-​ology was originally launched as a new business development tool for small advertising agencies. The brand grew to become a provider of primary market research in the U.S.
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MatchNight Webcasts Major League Soccer SuperDraft

MatchNight webcasted Major League Soccer's SuperDraft and became the official webcaster of the Columbus Crew in January 2003. We provided audio webcasts of the 2004 and 2005 SuperDrafts before interest in the event became large enough for television, as well as many live U.S. Open Cup games in North American and Central America.
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Company Expands, Moves to The SDS Building

sdsbldg_140wSDS helped to renovate a nearly 100 year-​old farmhouse into its company headquarters for the next 4+ years. The SDS Building was in Lewis Center, Ohio and later occupied by its landlord Nationwide Insurance.
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MatchNight News Network Launched

MatchNight_Advertising_FlyerSDS launched MatchNight — America's Independent Soccer News Network. The network featured independent journalists and photojournalists covering the first and second divisions of U.S. pro soccer and as well as college soccer. The network was used to help the company learn more about online advertising, with Mark Cuban's HDNet being a major national advertiser. MatchNight ended operations in March 2007 after turning its first profit in 2006.
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Company Becomes Web Host for Columbus Crew SC

SDS became the official web host of the Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer for the 2002 and 2003 seasons — responsible for web hosting, advertising administration and contributing to site development. The league took over website operations for all of its teams in 2004.
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Company Creates First Web Application for Advertising Sales

SDS rolled out the Co-​op Processor option for AdMall — the first web application for the media sales industry. The product, also developed by Smith, produced completed memo bills and claim forms for co-​op advertisers and a variety of reports for media management.
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AdMall Created

aimlogo_smallC. Lee Smith created the Advertiser Information Mall as a stand-​alone BBS service and began beta-​testing in March 1995. In October 1995, the product rebranded as AdMall and launched — becoming the first fully Internet-​based new business development system for media sales.
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PromoFAX Launched

promofax_logo_smallThe first of its kind weekly fax of local advertising sales leads with the ability to receive ad materials and details by return fax. The PromoFAX name was the company's first registered trademark. In April 1994, SDS began on-​site training services for the product with the Selling Promotionally! workshop.
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Company Leases First Office Space

In September 1991, the company moved to its first company headquarters in the River's Edge Corporate Center on 1335 Dublin Road in Columbus, Ohio. The company operated there until moving to new offices in the Community Corporate Center in North Columbus, Ohio in January 1999.
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Co-​op Lead & Data Service launched

Our first product was the Lead & Data Service featuring computerized co-​op advertising database for newspapers. Today, co-​op advertising represents less than 10% of the company's media sales research.

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Company founded by C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith developed the AdTracker computer software for the cable television industry. Product first sold to Time Warner Cable in Lima, Ohio. After working nights, weekends and vacation days to start the business, C. Lee Smith would leave his sales position at The Columbus Dispatch in March 1993 to devote full-​time energies to his company, known as Sales Development Services for its first 25 years of existence.