Painting Tops List of Home Improvement Projects This Spring

Many homeowners will be looking to create dream spaces with paint this spring. According to a new National Home Design and Color Survey from Sherwin-​Williams, seven-​in-​10 homeowners plan to undertake a house-​related project in the next six months.

Of those homeowners planning house projects, painting tops the list with 42% wanting to liven up their space with color, followed by landscaping (39%) and redecorating (30%).

According to internationally celebrated interior designer, Jeff Andrews, adding paint color is one of the easiest ways to give a space a new look. Andrews, known for his innovative design approach and long list of celebrity clients, believes great design involves imagination, inspiration and color. He also believes paint "can transform any living space, whether it's an accent wall, piece of furniture, or a complete room makeover."


Sherwin-​Williams conducted the National Home Design and Color Survey to determine homeowners' most desired projects and colors. Nearly two-​in-​three homeowners say they would like to add more color in their home, especially in the living/​family room (25%), bedroom (24%) and bathroom (17%). Men are receptive to adding color, with 58% of them wanting to introduce more into their home.

Warm neutrals featuring a hint of red, yellow or brown are the most popular palettes for about a third of homeowners (32%). Twenty-​five percent would like to incorporate cool neutrals, with a hint of blue or green. Homeowners 18 to 34 years old want a rich and dark color palette (23%), while those 65 and older prefer a soft and light palette (35%).

Sixty-​four percent of homeowners say they are confident handling an exterior project on their own. Men are most comfortable with the following exterior projects: painting doors (45%), fences (38%) and decks (37%). Sixty percent of women also feel comfortable doing their own outdoor painting projects, and consider doors (38%) and trim/​shutters (29%) to be the easiest tasks to manage

According to Ad-​ology Research, the largest percentage of homeowners (25%) are ages 35–44, and the vast majority (58%) earn an average annual income ($35k — $100k), while 19% earn a higher than average annual income ($101k — $200k).  Homeowners are most likely to respond to television ads, followed by newspaper advertising (print, online, mobile or tablet) and Internet banner ads.

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