Parents Eager to Enroll Children in Computer Programming Classes

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The digital revolution which has so engaged consumers as they interact with entertainment sources and marketers is spreading to a new sphere. Parents are thinking about the future for their children and they see the importance of the right kind of education. For many, this means learning computer programming. Schools and private organizations are expanding their programs to include this training.

According to a recent New York Times article by Matt Richtelmay, parents are keenly interested in obtaining computer programming instruction for their children. Code​.org, an organization dedicated to making sure we have enough tech-​savvy students prepared to take over the jobs of the future, offers free curricula to help schools and other organizations establish computer programming classes.  Code​.org is funded by venture capitalists and several tech industry visionaries who hope to remake the primary and secondary education experience across the U.S. Specifically, these leaders hope to see computer science added to the traditional list of classes. As interest in coding grows, the stigma of ‘geekiness’ once associated with computer programming has vanished. In addition to adding computer programming classes to the regular school day, entrepreneurs are marketing after school and summer camp programs. These programs appeal to both parents and kids who dream of becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

Parents of pre-​teens comprise a core audience for computer programming class providers.  According to Ad-​ology Research, educational services should emphasize their excellence in their ad campaigns as 59% of parents of pre-​teens do not mind paying more for high quality products and services.  These marketers may also want to consider using coupons in their promotions as 37% of these consumers say that, in the past 12 months, a coupon has led them to start an online search.

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