Parents Have Decisive Viewpoints on the Best Ages to First Purchase a Technology Device

"There have always been traditional kid milestones: the first day of school, the first time they eat solid foods. Now, there are technology milestones that kids are encountering," says Ipsos OTX Media CT's Donna Sabino. 

Four in 10 moms (40%) say it was their decision to purchase their child's cell phone, according to Ipsos, yet it's important technology-​marketers target both parent and child, says Sabino. "Moms are the ones primarily making the purchasing decisions. At the same time, you want the kid participating in the discussion since they are the ones buying the supporting materials, [such as] downloads, games, and songs," says Sabino.

Sabino recommends cell phone companies showcase the device's security features when reaching parents and the device's "cooler" aspects, such as unlimited text messages or camera capabilities, when connecting with kids.

Parents tend to have decisive viewpoints on the best ages to first purchase a technology device, according to electronics review website Retrevo.  For instance, parents are more accepting that kids get their own computers before they get their own TVs.

Although Ipsos research finds kids are increasingly receiving their first cellphone at age eight, six in 10 parents (61%) feel their child should first receive a cellphone as a teen. Three in 10 (28%) feel the tween years are the perfect time for their first cellphone.

Parents of 9–12-year-olds are more likely than parents of children under age 9 to think that children should get their first phone before their 12th birthday (43% vs. 31%). Only 6% of parents believe their children should wait until they graduate from high school before they get a phone.

Half Say TV In Bedroom Is Okay Before Age 12

More than half of parents (53%) feel kids need to wait until they are at least 13 before they can have a TV in their bedroom. However, 27% of parents feel it's okay for those under nine to have their own TV, and 20% of parents of 9–12- year-​olds say it's okay for a TV in the bedroom.

Parents of tweens are, once again, more accepting than parents of children under age nine to feel that it's okay for a child to have their own TV before age 12 (51% vs. 48%).

Computers Are Acceptable At Young Ages

The accepted age for a child's first computer is lower than for cellphones or TV with 35% of parents of 9–12-year-olds feel that's the time for their child to receive their own computer; three in 10 parents (31%) feel it's okay for those under age nine to have their own computer.

Parents of those under age nine aremore likely than parents of 9–12-year-olds to feel that kids should get computers before they turn 12 (73% vs. 61%).

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