Pay Attention

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I just came across a small blog post that made a big point. Kelley Robertson, a writer for the Sales & Marketing Management blog, posted the following: "I recently received a cold call in my office and when I answered the telephone, the person on the other end was talking to someone else. I paused, waiting to see how long it would take him to realize that his call had been connected. A few seconds later he noticed and he started into his pitch, which by the way, was pretty bad." Robertson notes that even if the pitch had been good, the caller had not earned her respect. In times like these when budgets are getting cut, and spending is low, your agency can't afford to drop the ball due to lack of attention. Whether making a cold call or leaving a voicemail for a client, make sure you're giving it your full attention. Despite the increasing ease of multi-tasking (thanks to technology like Blackberries and Bluetooth), the battle for business is fierce and there's often no opportunity for second chances.

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