SalesFuel HIRE Interview Questions

Profile-based Interview Questions

SalesFuel HIRE will arm you with suggested interview questions for each candidate, based on their tendencies for selling, decision-making, empathy, behavior and motivators.

C. Lee Smith October 14, 2019

SalesFuel HIRE Toxicity Flags

Toxic Employee Warnings

There are 13 types of toxic personalities among salespeople that, if hired, can drain the time and energy of their manager, the morale of their co-workers, and eventually, the finances of the company. SalesFuel HIRE flags the candidates that pose the highest risk.

C. Lee Smith October 13, 2019

SalesFuel HIRE Decision-Making Tendencies

Empathy and Decision Making

Will they exaggerate the positive or overlook the negative? Do they have empathy for others? Are they escaping their old job? SalesFuel HIRE reveals how candidates are likely to make decisions on the job and whether they aspire to survive or thrive in your company.

C. Lee Smith October 13, 2019

SalesFuel HIRE Behavioral Tendencies

Behavioral Assessment

What energizes your candidate? Making things happen? Attracting people to them? SalesFuel HIRE measures behavioral tendencies like these for each candidate. It also reveals how they act when under the stress of a deadline or demanding customer.

C. Lee Smith October 13, 2019

SalesFuel HIRE Work Tendencies

Workplace Behavior

Will they bring their 'best selves' to work… or something else? SalesFuel HIRE's Work Tendencies will show you what you're likely to get when the chips are down, measuring 14 commonly-desired characteristics among high-performing salespeople.

C. Lee Smith October 13, 2019

Salesperson Motivators SalesFuel HIRE

Motivational Tendencies

What motivates them to take action? Money? Independence? Power? Helping others? SalesFuel HIRE uses a unique assessment from behavioral mastermind Steven Sisler to show you which of the 7 primary motivators drive each candidate.

C. Lee Smith October 12, 2019