Natural Job Fit Scoring SalesFuel HIRE

Natural Job Fit Scores

SalesFuel HIRE provides Natural Job Fit scores for each candidate for the position they're applying for, plus two other positions you might want them to consider. Scores are based on more than sales skills required for the job, but also their mindset and entire profile.

C. Lee Smith October 14, 2019

SalesFuel HIRE Challenger Sales Style Indicator

Challenger Selling Style

The Challenger Sale has become a popular sales methodology. It places salespeople in five unique styles based on the skills and behaviors they use when interacting with customers and prospects. SalesFuel HIRE will tell you which style fits each candidate best.

C. Lee Smith October 13, 2019

SalesFuel HIRE Selling Tendencies

Comprehensive Sales Aptitude Test

Created by four of the leading sales experts on the planet and updated by SalesFuel for the digital age. Can they close? Get to the decision-maker? Excel at social selling? With SalesFuel HIRE, you'll quickly learn the candidate's aptitude in 18 vital sales functions.

C. Lee Smith October 13, 2019