Present Like the Pros

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Last month, two big tech events took place: Macworld and the Consumer Electronics Show. Each show drew media attention, and the keynote speeches were analyzed, dissected, and reported through media outlets all over the world. Communications coach and author Carmine Gallo used these pro speakers as examples of how to give great presentations (especially under pressure!) in an article for Business Week. After looking over keynotes at each event, Gallo's first tip is the "rule of three," and he uses Apple's Phil Schiller's address at Macworld to make the point of the importance of three. "…Schiller divided his presentation into three parts, a technique [Steve] Jobs uses frequently," he writes. "…Schiller also included a surprise announcement at the end of his presentation. Using the rule of three once again, Schiller announced changes to iTunes for 2009 in three parts." By implementing this tactic, Gallo believes you break the information down for the audience, making it easier to follow and understand. Gallo's second tip is to share the stage, just as Cisco's CEO Jon Chambers did during the Consumer Electronics Show. Rather speaking the entire time, Chambers invited other employees on stage to share information about upcoming products. According to Gallo, this technique adds different voices and presentation styles, which helps keep the audience interested and engaged. To read the rest of Gallo's suggestions, click here.

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