Present Product Demos That Feature Video to Engage Prospects

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sellers looking to present product demos now have a valuable tool available: video. The ability to use video enhances the experience for prospects and gives the seller the power to craft a personal visual experience. 

Why use video when presenting product demos?

Video has become an increasingly important part of the sales world, and for good reason. It’s been shown to boost engagement and drive sales. And, buyers seek out videos; SalesFuel’s Voice of the Buyer study found that buyers look to video when researching companies. So, it makes sense that demos can be even more impactful when video is used. 

Your product demo video is an intuitive way to not only explain the workings of your product and how it solves a problem or a pain point but also exists to increase sales,” Maury Rogow writes for LinkedIn. “In today's market, where video content is more prevalent than ever, the product demo video has become an essential tool for businesses.”

Three types of video demos

He goes on to explain that there are basically three types of demos that utilize video:

  • Narrated video. In this type of demo, a voiceover narrates, explaining the offering and what it does. Visuals and graphics accompany the narration to create a visual demonstration to go with the explanation. 
  • Screen capture. Sellers present product demos using software that records the product or service in action on a computer screen. There is often a voiceover or on-​screen text highlighting different points. 
  • Live-​action action. These demos are filmed in real time with people demonstrating how a product or service is used. 

Sellers may choose to stick with one type of video demo, or they may choose based on different features or benefits they’d like to highlight. 

Personalization matters

No matter which type of video is used to present product demos, each must be personalized to the prospects. Tailoring each demo to the specific buyer will be what triggers their interest and creates connection and value. “Your product story should allow the customer to see themselves using your product and getting value from it for their specific business and use case,” explains Jonathan Friedman for Selling Power. “Show a generic storyline, and your deal just walked out the door.”

Make sure that the demo video aligns with a specific goal for that prospect, which will guide the narrative and retain focus. Be specific about pain points and how your offering directly addresses them. Remember, buyers have to perceive value in order to buy. Take advantage of the ability to visually show that value by ensuring your videos connect on a personal level. This also means doing your research to know what elements you should include to have the most impact.

Be aware of video length

It can be easy to get carried away when presenting a product demo, especially if it’s pre-​recorded. But length does matter to buyers, and if your video is too long, you risk losing their interest. “As a general rule, product demo videos should be kept under 2–3 minutes in length,” Rogow recommends. “…focus on highlighting the most important product features and benefits in a concise manner.” Give the buyers just enough time to be wowed by your offering and pique their interest enough to want to know more. 

Drive the next step

When creating these video demos, sellers need to have an idea of what they hope happens next. This means including a call to action each time you present a product demo. This helps you guide the buyer where you’d like them to go next. And be specific. For tips on how to create compelling calls to action, take a look at SalesFuel’s advice, which also includes examples to use in your own videos. 

Sales product demos are an incredibly important part of the sales process; make sure yours evolve with buyers. Incorporating video demos into your strategy can take you to another level with prospects by giving them a more personal, engaging and informative experience.

Photo by Vanessa Garcia