Radio Provides Link to Growing Hispanic Audience

Radio continues to draw a crowd. That’s especially true for marketers that want to reach the Hispanic demographic. The latest numbers from Arbitron’s RADAR report show reason for optimism in one of the most traditional media formats.

Arbitron just released its June 2012 RADAR 113 National Radio Listening Report. The numbers show that radio increased its reach by over 590,000 people and now connects with 93% of U.S. consumers over age 12. So far this year, top radio audiences by age include:

12–17 year-​olds: 22.8 million weekly
18–49 year-​olds: 123.6 million weekly

For Hispanics, the numbers are more impressive. This year alone, the number of Hispanic consumers who turn to radio has increased by 2.5 million. The radio waves now reach 95% of Hispanics who are age 12 and up.

Radio is also proving a key way for marketers to tap into the daily routines of affluent and educated consumers. Currently, 95% of consumers who have household incomes over $75,000, are between the ages of 18–49, and have a college education listen to radio at least once a week. The numbers are similar for consumers with the same income profile who are between the ages of 18 and 34. In this case, 93% of consumers listen to radio – a statistic which equates to 22.5 million listeners.

Marketers should plan to keep radio advertising in their promotional mix to reach these growing audiences.

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Kathy Crosett
Kathy is the Vice President of Research for SalesFuel. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and oversees a staff of researchers, writers and content providers for SalesFuel. Previously, she was co-​owner of several small businesses in the health care services sector.