Reduced Domestic Hotel Rates Mean More Value for Travelers this Spring

Bing Travel recently issued its 2010 Spring Break Forecast, which reveals a 9% increase in spring break airfare over 2009, coupled with a 15% decrease in domestic hotel rates. This year, airfare for both international and domestic spring break travel, generally defined as travel between Feb. 28 and March 31, averages $349, up 9% from 2009. In addition, the average ticket for the most popular spring break travel itinerary with a Saturday departure and Sunday return is $418, up $57 or 16% from last year. Although domestic airfare is higher this year, domestic hotel rates continue to drop for popular spring travel destinations such as Las Vegas; Maui, Hawaii; and Orlando, Fla., and reveal an average decline of 15% over 2009. To make the most of their travel budgets, consumers should choose destinations, travel dates and hotels that have decreased rates and could bring down the cost of the total trip.

"Despite the recession, airlines are continuing to cut capacity, and spring airfares are creeping back up to 2008 levels," said Bing Travel Fareologist Joel Grus. "Thankfully, we are seeing a deep decrease in hotel prices across the board, which could reduce overall trip costs and offset higher airfares."

Hotel Rates Bring Down Total Trip Cost

Lower domestic premium hotel rates will be a draw for budget-​conscious travelers. On average, premium hotel rates in popular domestic spring travel destinations are down 15% over 2009, averaging $173 per night. In popular destinations such as Las Vegas, rates are down as much as 27%, an average of $103 per night, and rates in San Diego are down as much as 24%.

"We've seen some impressive hotel deals over the past year," Grus said. "A decrease in demand and occupancy has led hotels to slash rates to fill empty rooms, and we expect that this will remain the trend for 2010 spring travel and potentially beyond."

Hot Spots Offer Deep Discounts in 2010

Choosing the right destination this spring could allow travelers to get more for their money. On the West Coast, travelers can choose Las Vegas or Maui, where impressive discounts can be found. Closer to the East Coast they may head to Orlando or Puerto Vallarta, where hotel rates have significantly decreased.

"2010 Spring Break Forecast," conducted by Bing Travel, February 2, 2010.  Website: www​.bing​.com.