Reduced Domestic Hotel Rates Mean More Value for Travelers this Spring

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Bing Trav­el recent­ly issued its 2010 Spring Break Fore­cast, which reveals a 9% increase in spring break air­fare over 2009, cou­pled with a 15% decrease in domes­tic hotel rates. This year, air­fare for both inter­na­tion­al and domes­tic spring break trav­el, gen­er­al­ly defined as trav­el between Feb. 28 and March 31, aver­ages $349, up 9% from 2009. In addi­tion, the aver­age tick­et for the most pop­u­lar spring break trav­el itin­er­ary with a Sat­ur­day depar­ture and Sun­day return is $418, up $57 or 16% from last year. Although domes­tic air­fare is high­er this year, domes­tic hotel rates con­tin­ue to drop for pop­u­lar spring trav­el des­ti­na­tions such as Las Vegas; Maui, Hawaii; and Orlan­do, Fla., and reveal an aver­age decline of 15% over 2009. To make the most of their trav­el bud­gets, con­sumers should choose des­ti­na­tions, trav­el dates and hotels that have decreased rates and could bring down the cost of the total trip.

"Despite the reces­sion, air­lines are con­tin­u­ing to cut capac­i­ty, and spring air­fares are creep­ing back up to 2008 lev­els," said Bing Trav­el Fare­ol­o­gist Joel Grus. "Thank­ful­ly, we are see­ing a deep decrease in hotel prices across the board, which could reduce over­all trip costs and off­set high­er air­fares."

Hotel Rates Bring Down Total Trip Cost

Low­er domes­tic pre­mi­um hotel rates will be a draw for bud­get-con­scious trav­el­ers. On aver­age, pre­mi­um hotel rates in pop­u­lar domes­tic spring trav­el des­ti­na­tions are down 15% over 2009, aver­ag­ing $173 per night. In pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tions such as Las Vegas, rates are down as much as 27%, an aver­age of $103 per night, and rates in San Diego are down as much as 24%.

"We've seen some impres­sive hotel deals over the past year," Grus said. "A decrease in demand and occu­pan­cy has led hotels to slash rates to fill emp­ty rooms, and we expect that this will remain the trend for 2010 spring trav­el and poten­tial­ly beyond."

Hot Spots Offer Deep Dis­counts in 2010

Choos­ing the right des­ti­na­tion this spring could allow trav­el­ers to get more for their mon­ey. On the West Coast, trav­el­ers can choose Las Vegas or Maui, where impres­sive dis­counts can be found. Clos­er to the East Coast they may head to Orlan­do or Puer­to Val­lar­ta, where hotel rates have sig­nif­i­cant­ly decreased.

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