Rejection As A Learning Experience

RainToday recently highlighted its most popular articles of 2008. One of these articles, "The Dumbest Piece of Sales Advice You're in Danger of Following," focused on rejection and the importance of not embracing a failed sales effort. While some sales consultants view rejections as an acceptable part of the sales process, the article's author, Jill Konrath, heartily disagrees. "In my opinion, a rejection is a failure. It's a sales call that did not result in a desirable outcome," she writes. "If you want to get better at selling, it is imperative to analyze your failures to determine if a different approach could have yielded a better outcome." She goes on to write that rejections can be used as a type of data, something that can be analyzed for future success. She likens rejections to a puzzle and urges salespeople to decipher rejections rather than shrug them off. Read the full article here.

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