Retailers to Promote Car Service Products Drivers May Have Overlooked

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Sure, an air freshener, "Back Off" mudflaps, or a bumper sticker may be fun, but there are far more practical ways to cater to auto enthusiasts, says Consumer Reports."

"Products retailers can promote to car owners to improve the driving experience and potentially make it safer include:

  • Phone Mounts: A phone mount can be a low-​cost way to add convenience and even safety to your car
  • Jump-​Starter Battery Pack: Micro-​sized battery packs are powerful enough to jump-​start a car with a failing battery. They can also be used to recharge portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets, which makes them a useful part of an emergency kit, as long as you keep them charged up and ready to go. Most weigh only a pound and are roughly the size of a paperback novel. Some even come with built-​in flashlights and connectors that allow you to charge certain laptops
  • Tire-​Pressure Gauge: A simple stocking-​friendly tire-​pressure gauge can be an important reminder to drivers that they should check the pressure monthly. A car's tires should be properly inflated to get the optimum performance, safety, and tread life. Without the proper pressure, tires can wear faster and unevenly, waste fuel, and compromise the vehicle’s handling
  • Cordless Tire Inflator: A cordless tire inflator is a great way to top off the air pressure in a tire. It eliminates the need to run a large compressor or drag around hoses at the local gas station. They typically come with a connection to inflate car tires and, adding to their appeal, a needle adapter to inflate basketballs, footballs, and the like. Most also include a special adapter for blowing up inflatables like pool toys, and some have adapters for inflating high-​pressure bicycle tires. Many cordless tire inflators are compatible with a line of battery-​powered tools, making it tempting to add the inflator as part of a suite rather than as a single, standalone item
  • Headlight Restoration Kit: As cars age, especially those parked outside regularly, the headlight lens cover can become clouded or hazed because of exposure to the sun's UV rays. A AAA study found that over time, the clouding effect can reduce the amount of light emitted by up to 80% compared with what you got when the car was new. There are affordable DIY kits for removing the haze and resealing the plastic coating of those lenses. They take a bit of elbow grease, but the improvement can be significant
  • Emergency Kit: If you get stranded alongside the road, a well-​stocked emergency kit can help get you back on your way, or at least make the time waiting for help a lot less stressful. Emergency kits vary widely in price and content, but they usually include battery jumper cables, a basic first-​aid kit, flashlight, space blanket, snow shovel, tow strap, and ice scrapers"

Car Owners may not know about these helpful products unless they're given a little help by advertisers. They're also driven by deals. Last month, according to AudienceSCAN, 44.5% of Car Owners turned to the internet to find coupons or discount codes.

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