When you improve a rep, you improve one person.
When you improve a manager,
you improve their entire team

– C. Lee Smith

Sales­Fu­el pro­vides data-driven man­age­ment tools and strate­gies for lead­ing sales­peo­ple as indi­vid­u­als based on their unique needs, rather man­ag­ing tasks through a one-size-fits-all man­age­ment phi­los­o­phy.

Sales­Fu­el is proud to intro­duce Team­Keep­er — a first of its kind, SaaS-based plat­form that empow­ers sales man­agers to con­sis­tent­ly make bet­ter sales hires; devel­op their skills and apti­tude; and retain the sales­peo­ple that are worth keep­ing. Team­Keep­er also sparks engage­ment and is a vital part of improv­ing the cul­ture of your sales depart­ment to become a place peo­ple want to come to work every­day.

Sales­Fu­el makes assess­ments action­able. So you'll not only avoid cost­ly hir­ing mis­takes, but also show man­agers how to best coach each rep once they are on board for high­er per­for­mance. Our assess­ments pro­vide an accu­rate base­line up front and at reg­u­lar inter­vals there­after, so you can mea­sure and report on the impact of your coach­ing efforts.

Sales­Fu­el Con­sult­ing helps to trans­form your sales efforts in today's dig­i­tal world to be in align­ment with how your clients+customers shop and buy. We sig­nif­i­cant­ly improve sales veloc­i­ty by focus­ing your team on the accounts and prospects that most impact the bot­tom line, instead of spend­ing too much time on the friend­ly favorites. And our Sales Com­pen­sa­tion mod­els help you to con­struct a pro­gram that rewards the right peo­ple for the right actions with­out over­spend­ing.

Sales­Fu­el also pro­vides the Git­o­mer Learn­ing Acad­e­my e‑learning plat­form, as well as solu­tions from a wide vari­ety of train­ing part­ners, because you can­not assume your reps actu­al­ly know what you think they know.