Sales Skills List: How to Create Impactful Emails

BY Tim Londergan
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An experienced and successful Realtor friend expressed frustration with her recent email campaign. She targeted a sizeable list of potential clients who were looking to build a new home in a specific geography. She’s well-​respected, and her sales skills list includes working with builders to represent the interests of prospective buyers.

To facilitate a knee-​to-​knee conversation she included a $7 Tim Horton’s voucher with an open invitation for a meetup. Disturbingly, she had zero responses to her offer. Aside from a few replies of appreciation, her email effort was a bust.

It’s Time to Put “Email Excellence” High on Your Sales Skills List

Regardless of your audience, clear written communication is a fundamental skill. From the subject line to the call-​to-​action, your email must be spot-​on, urgent and purpose-​driven. If you are not adding value or substance to the prospects’ life, then don’t bother clicking ‘send.’

Over the years, email has surrendered ground to social media, instant messaging and mobile-​messaging apps. However, email remains the most affordable and effective method to reach new prospects and launch a conversion strategy. Hence, it’s time to get smart about ensuring that every message counts.

Where is Your Email Sending Your Customer?

Marketers must remember that the prospecting email is, ideally, the first click in a customer’s decision journey. It’s the first in a series of interactions with your brand, and the destination matters greatly. Customized landing pages addressing the email’s featured offer will increase conversion rates by 25% according to McKinsey.

Your email’s call to action should be simple, straightforward and reasonable, considering your knowledge of the recipient. Play to the strengths on your sales skills list; if you want an in-​person meeting ask for it. If you want them to take your call, give them a date and time.

Write a Compelling Email That’s Hard NOT to Notice

Depending on the selected source, there may be five, six, eight, or nine elements of an effective sales email. Unanimously, the sources stress the strategic importance of the universal subject line. Arguably, nearly half of recipients will open an email based on the subject line, which is why first impressions matter.

Personal, brief subject lines with a compelling offer will boost open rates.

The recipient’s name in a line with 6 to 10 words has a 21% open rate. But consider that nearly half of emails are opened on mobile devices with smaller screens. Therefore, automatically truncated subject lines will lose their impact on the user’s mobile device.

Create a sense of urgency, scarcity, or exclusivity.

Be honest, but be willing to stress the limited status of your offer. In your sales skills list the power of persuasion looms large. Therefore, if you add an element of FOMO (fear of missing out), you may inspire your prospects to convert.

AI-​enable emails quickly and easily generate improved content.

According to the HubSpot blog, interest in “AI tools” has skyrocketed by 292% in the U.S. since December 2022. Now, SalesCred PRO has harnessed the power of AI to help you write personalized and professional emails. You can overcome writer’s block and create compelling content for maximum authority.

SalesCred PRO’s AI-​powered CredWriter will save time in drafting and responding to emails and social media posts. Salespeople who aren’t experts in copywriting can write effective emails with the awesomeness of AI.

A strong close includes a clear path to action or weighing interest.

Prompting a definitive response is recommended. However, it may be obliging to respect your prospects’ autonomy to say no. 

Accomplish this by asking for a level of interest via an open-​ended question.

Being successful with emails is hard, it takes work, but it’s not impossible. Like most things on your sales skills list, emails have a success formula. By adhering to the above you increase your chances of creating emails that your prospects and buyers will respond to.

Photo by Yan Krukau on Pexels.