SalesFuel® Launches SalesFuel COACH – A Disruptive New Coaching Platform That Adapts To The Needs Of Each Individual Sales Rep and Manager

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A salesperson’s suc­cess in clos­ing deals (“win rates”) is 35% high­er when using a for­mal coach­ing process, com­pared to leav­ing it up to man­agers to do it on their own, accord­ing to 2017 research from CSO Insights.
Yet despite the poten­tial mil­lions in rev­enue gains, a new 2018 study by the Asso­ci­a­tion of Tal­ent Devel­op­ment (ATD) shows 38% of orga­ni­za­tions still do not do ANY sales coach­ing at all! And only 1 in 5 of 1,194 sales­peo­ple sur­veyed nation­wide said they get fre­quent sales coach­ing per­son­al­ized to their unique needs. [2017 Voice of the Sales Rep, Sales­Fu­el]

Giv­en data like that, Sales­Fu­el iden­ti­fied the need for a game-changing, dis­rup­tive plat­form that unique­ly com­bines the prin­ci­ples of adap­tive learn­ing and microlearn­ing to sales coach­ing. The com­pa­ny is proud to announce the launch of Sales­Fu­el COACH, a rev­o­lu­tion­ary plat­form for data-driven Adap­tive Sales Coach­ing™. Sales­Fu­el COACH enables sales man­agers to improve their man­age­ment skills and their peo­ple skills and guides them on how to get the most out of each rep.

If sales man­agers don’t have time to coach their reps, how will they find time to replace them?” says CEO C. Lee Smith. “Sales­Fu­el COACH over­comes the num­ber one obsta­cle to effec­tive sales coach­ing as report­ed in 2018 ATD study – time con­straints and sched­ul­ing con­flicts – while keep­ing new sales tal­ent from becom­ing frus­trat­ed by lack of desired feed­back and devel­op­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties.”

Sales​Fu​el​.COACH cre­ates Coach­ing Play­books for each rep, per­son­al­ized to each of his/her unique needs and 5‑Minute Quick­Coach­ing™, which pre­scribes coach­ing in quick, focused bursts to boost reten­tion and save time. Man­agers strug­gling with coach­ing their teams will quick­ly know WHO to coach, WHAT to coach mem­bers on, and HOW to do it.

Sales­Fu­el COACH offers the fol­low­ing fea­tures:

• Reveals Hid­den Secrets About Each of Your Reps. You can't fix what you can't see. Sales­Fu­el COACH is built on sci­en­tif­ic assess­ments that reveal the hid­den secrets and skill gaps that keep each rep from get­ting to the next lev­el and does so with star­tling accu­ra­cy.
• Instant­ly Know Who, What and How to Coach. Sales­Fu­el COACH cre­ates and con­tin­u­al­ly updates a per­son­al­ized coach­ing play­book for every rep for improv­ing their sales skills, peo­ple skills, moti­va­tion, engage­ment, and team con­tri­bu­tion. Man­agers are alert­ed to prob­lem areas before they impact sales met­rics.
• 5‑Minute Quick­Coach­ing. The 5‑Minute Quick­Coach­ing™ sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly pre­scribes coach­ing in quick, focused bursts. It includes short videos, arti­cles and audio snip­pets from lead­ing sales experts includ­ing like Jef­frey Git­o­mer, Tony Alessan­dra and many more, with follow-up ques­tions to encour­age learn­ing and reten­tion.
• Improves the Man­ag­er to Improve the Team. Man­agers are pre­scribed tar­get­ed lead­er­ship arti­cles and pod­casts from the world's top experts based on our exclu­sive Sales Cul­tureCheck, a bottom-up analy­sis of 50 sales cul­ture and man­age­ment met­rics.
Learn how Sales­Fu­el COACH “moves the mid­dle” of your sales team to improve the bot­tom line quick­ly and effec­tive­ly. Request a free demo NOW.

Audrey Strong

Audrey Strong

Direc­tor of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions at Sales­Fu­el
Audrey Strong heads all exter­nal and inter­nal com­mu­ni­ca­tions for Sales­Fu­el, includ­ing pub­lic rela­tions — which she has direct­ed since 2014. Pri­or to Sales­Fu­el, she found­ed her own pub­lic rela­tions firm and served years as an award-winning jour­nal­ist in tele­vi­sion news. Audrey earned her degree in broad­cast jour­nal­ism from Ohio Uni­ver­si­ty.
Audrey Strong
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