SalesFuel® Launches SalesFuel COACH – A Disruptive New Coaching Platform That Adapts To The Needs Of Each Individual Sales Rep and Manager

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A salesperson’s success in closing deals (“win rates”) is 35% higher when using a formal coaching process, compared to leaving it up to managers to do it on their own, according to 2017 research from CSO Insights.
Yet despite the potential millions in revenue gains, a new 2018 study by the Association of Talent Development (ATD) shows 38% of organizations still do not do ANY sales coaching at all! And only 1 in 5 of 1,194 salespeople surveyed nationwide said they get frequent sales coaching personalized to their unique needs. [2017 Voice of the Sales Rep, SalesFuel] 

Given data like that, SalesFuel identified the need for a game-​changing, disruptive platform that uniquely combines the principles of adaptive learning and microlearning to sales coaching. The company is proud to announce the launch of SalesFuel COACH, a revolutionary platform for data-​driven Adaptive Sales Coaching™. SalesFuel COACH enables sales managers to improve their management skills and their people skills and guides them on how to get the most out of each rep.

If sales managers don’t have time to coach their reps, how will they find time to replace them?” says CEO C. Lee Smith. “SalesFuel COACH overcomes the number one obstacle to effective sales coaching as reported in 2018 ATD study – time constraints and scheduling conflicts – while keeping new sales talent from becoming frustrated by lack of desired feedback and development opportunities.”

SalesFuel​.COACH creates Coaching Playbooks for each rep, personalized to each of his/​her unique needs and 5‑Minute QuickCoaching™, which prescribes coaching in quick, focused bursts to boost retention and save time. Managers struggling with coaching their teams will quickly know WHO to coach, WHAT to coach members on, and HOW to do it. 

SalesFuel COACH offers the following features:

• Reveals Hidden Secrets About Each of Your Reps. You can't fix what you can't see. SalesFuel COACH is built on scientific assessments that reveal the hidden secrets and skill gaps that keep each rep from getting to the next level and does so with startling accuracy.
• Instantly Know Who, What and How to Coach. SalesFuel COACH creates and continually updates a personalized coaching playbook for every rep for improving their sales skills, people skills, motivation, engagement, and team contribution. Managers are alerted to problem areas before they impact sales metrics.
• 5‑Minute QuickCoaching. The 5‑Minute QuickCoaching™ systematically prescribes coaching in quick, focused bursts. It includes short videos, articles and audio snippets from leading sales experts including like Jeffrey Gitomer, Tony Alessandra and many more, with follow-​up questions to encourage learning and retention.
• Improves the Manager to Improve the Team. Managers are prescribed targeted leadership articles and podcasts from the world's top experts based on our exclusive Sales CultureCheck, a bottom-​up analysis of 50 sales culture and management metrics.
Learn how SalesFuel COACH “moves the middle” of your sales team to improve the bottom line quickly and effectively. Request a free demo NOW.