SalesFuel Launches SalesFuel HIRE Platform to Help Companies “Hire Smarter”& Flag Toxic Employee Types

SalesFuel®, providing sales teams with the power to “Sell Smarter®” since 1989, is now offering its new SaaS-​based platform, SalesFuel HIRE.  SalesFuel HIRE is a digital solution for sales managers, human resources professionals and recruiters that stacks the deck in their favor by quickly uncovering the true identity of job candidates across key sales and psychological criteria.

Inevitably, candidates may try to fool you on their resume, LinkedIn profile, and even during the interview.  But there is also the previously highly-​successful salesperson who also interviewed well, but, for various reasons, would be a horrible fit for your sales team.  SalesFuel HIRE’s analytics provide a deeper layer of detection that accounts for all of these situations. The platform also alerts hiring managers to 13 types of toxicity – those that will lower the performance of the rest of your staff — BEFORE making a costly hiring mistake.

Considered the ”Moneyball” of sales hiring — similar to identifying key player statistics that can determine a team’s success, SalesFuel HIRE’s analytics go beyond revealing traditional performance characteristics of sales candidates, and identify natural tendencies often undetected during interviews.  Fast and intuitive, SalesFuel HIRE assessments identify the correct path to take with each sales candidate, providing insight such as:

  • Job fit scoring for 10 sales job types
  • Measurement of selling tendencies, motivational factors, empathy toward others, behavioral tendencies, and decision-​making ability
  • Unique interview questions to ask based on each candidate profile

Once a decision is made, the hired candidate’s profile is automatically stored in SalesFuel HIRE, and uploaded into SalesFuel’s sales coaching platform, SalesFuel COACH, which provides sales managers with the information they need for ongoing personalized, 1:1 coaching.

C. Lee Smith, CEO of SalesFuel, says “To grow and thrive, companies need to add zeroes to the bottom line – and you can’t add zeroes by hiring zeroes. Hire the right salesperson and your sales will grow, but one bad hire can cost you significant productivity and revenue. A small investment up front is more than worth it for such an important decision.”

SalesFuel HIRE’s actionable insight doesn’t require a high-​priced consultant to administer and understand.  It features proprietary SalesFuel toxicity indicators – red flags, warnings – which let hiring managers know what they’re really dealing with and how to approach each candidate. The platform stores all of the profiles in one place that can be referred to for other job openings for up to one year after the initial assessment.

Smith adds: “New research shows if you get it wrong, you’re facing a 6‑month process to force their exit. You’ll spend another 3 months looking for a replacement and 6 more months to get that new person up to speed. This catastrophe could cost you nearly 100% of their annual salary by the time you replace them.  This product pays for itself by preventing that from happening again, plus it enables you to hire potential superstars you might have passed over without it.”

SalesFuel HIRE is available to hiring managers as a subscription service for only $149 per year, and if ordered by 11/​15/​19 using promo code HIRE2019,  it can be purchased for only $99 for the first year.  This offer includes one free candidate profile, with the option of purchasing additional profiles based on the volume needs of the organization. 

SalesFuel HIRE serves a variety of job functions, including Human Resource Managers, Sales Managers and Recruiters:

  • Human Resource Managers can more informed hiring recommendations for their organizations
  • Sales Managers can assess and benchmark current top employees against candidates for ‘look-​alike’ future top hires
  • Recruiters can greatly increase placement and retention rates of recommended candidates

Please visit http://​salesfuel​.com/​H​IRE to order the SalesFuel HIRE package that works best for your organization. If ordered before 11/​15/​19, use promo code HIRE2019 and receive a $50 discount on your first year’s subscription!

Audrey Strong

Audrey Strong

Vice President of Communications at SalesFuel
Audrey Strong heads all external and internal communications for SalesFuel, including public relations — which she has directed since 2014. Prior to SalesFuel, she founded her own public relations firm and served years as an award-​winning journalist in television news. Audrey earned her degree in broadcast journalism from Ohio University.
Audrey Strong


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Audrey Strong