SalesFuel launches TeamKeeper® platform to modernize talent retention

Wealth of management analytics data makes it easy for sales managers to keep a pulse on their teams, reducing turnover and improving bottom line

SalesFuel today announced the launch of TeamKeeper, a data-​driven talent retention platform for sales management. TeamKeeper leverages data to provide personalized recommendations for discovering, developing and engaging employees. The new offering is a first of its kind, giving sales managers access to actionable data and tools to develop a customized management approach for each employee. TeamKeeper goes beyond process-​oriented documents like spreadsheets, empowering sales managers to discover characteristics about candidates and employees, aids with coaching, and improves employee engagement – increasing revenue and improving top talent retention.

Good salespeople are quick to leave a bad manager, but they’ll also follow a good manager to a new company. Investing in sales management is critical to success. If you improve a sales rep, you’ve improved one position. If you improve a sales manager, you’ve improved nearly every member of their team,” explained CEO of SalesFuel C. Lee Smith. “We have recognized the need for a comprehensive tool that harnesses the impact sales managers can have on their teams and believe TeamKeeper is the solution.”

A new report from leading research company BIA/​Kelsey, “Investing in the Sales Process – Coaching and Metrics for Success,” suggests there's a need for sales leadership to embrace data services and a platform that can easily provide multiple assessments of sales professionals for work style, technology capabilities, as well as preferences and favorites.

"Today, the sales process can be examined and fine-​tuned by managers with the help of smarter data tools,” said Mitch Ratcliffe, digital analyst for BIA/​Kelsey. “They wield an incredible advantage for sales leaders who can then use the information to develop internal sales methodologies that put the customer at the center of all activity while keeping revenue goals at the forefront."

TeamKeeper is a comprehensive platform with features that make talent management more efficient and effective. The platform’s talent intelligence capabilities help sales managers with specific tasks including, but not limited to:

  • ROSTER BUILDING: TeamKeeper’s personalized assessments predict the success of candidates by matching their character traits to those required to perform a specific job. Three types of assessments are included, with actionable data to guide managers on how to best communicate with each team member – and help avoid costly hiring mistakes.
  • COACHING: TeamKeeper’s built-​in assessments, goal setting, engagement tools and impact rankings feed your Coaching Planner, so your managers won’t just know who and when to coach, but how.
  • ENGAGEMENT AND CULTURE BUILDING: TeamKeeper’s customized surveys and weekly feedback tools makes it easier to build a culture of accountability, keeping employees engaged and improving morale across the team.
  • GOAL SETTING AND FOLLOW-​THROUGH: TeamKeeper’s goal setting tools assist managers in setting goals that are specific, measurable and obtainable through the use of either SMART goals or OKRs (objectives and key results). Automated follow-​up emails poll sales reps on their progress and update the TeamKeeper dashboard.
  • GUIDED SALES MANAGEMENT: Daily to-​do list suggestions, management strategies for each team member and daily leadership tips are just some of the ways TeamKeeper makes it easy for even the greenest of managers to be more effective.
  • INTEGRATION: TeamKeeper can integrate with most cloud-​based CRMs, HR systems and learning management systems. It also helps break down the silos between HR and management to identify candidates that will be successful and increase employee retention.


To learn more about TeamKeeper and schedule a demo of the new platform, click here.


Beth Frederick
Beth is the Vice President of Marketing at SalesFuel. She has over 20 years of experience client-​side, agency-​side and for one of the largest media companies in North America.