SalesFuel’s TeamTrait™ Cloud-​based Assessment Tool now enables high performance management for teams of ALL types 

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TeamTrait™ helps companies recruit internally and increase promoting from within

Job Fit, Manager Fit, Company Fit, and Customer Fit. What do these all have in common? They comprise “The Four Fits Methodology” in the TeamTrait software that can help companies increase promotion from within and boost employee retention rates.  TeamTrait is proud to announce it is now available to all types of company teams, after originally launched as a product to hire, optimize and retain sales teams.

TeamTrait creator and SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith says using it to orient your company culture to a “promote from within” professional development track for existing employees results in five major benefits. These include:

  • Less risk: In a recent survey, 60% of job applicants say they overstated their skills
  • Reduced ramp-​up time: Internal knowledge and familiarity is powerful
  • Less budget: No budget spent on job listings and recruiters
  • Advance internally: Employees are excited there’s a clear path to advancement
  • Staying power: Seeing internal recruitment means team members will stay longer

Since we launched TeamTrait in January, more and more professionals are using it as an optimization tool leading to more positive performance reviews and eliminating the need for performance improvement plans,” says C. Lee Smith, CEO of SalesFuel. “Managers need to know that we’ve geared the tool to optimize all types of teams beyond sales departments. With TeamTrait, better job fit, positive and productive pairing of employees and supervisors, and increased retention are wins for all organizations seeking to improve team performance.”

Used as pre-​hire assessments, TeamTrait provides hiring managers with the opportunity to identify a candidate’s behavioral traits, motivators and how they think. When deployed across a team, TeamTrait helps managers assess team fit, identify development needs, promote from within, and increase retention and professional development with its exclusive Four Fits™ Simulator.

How does it work? The keys to unlocking the data can be completed in just 20 short minutes by prospects and employees. TeamTrait brings together the latest advances in neuroscience, behavioral economics and people analytics to help companies make better talent decisions. TeamTrait enables:

- Hiring managers to “Hire Smarter” by identifying the team candidate with the best of Four Fits: Job Fit, Manager Fit, Company Fit, and Customer Fit.

- Sales managers to know for certain if the candidate truly possesses the knowledge of their craft that comes from experience and success.

- All managers to benchmark and optimize their current team to improve communication, motivation, and development AND retain their best talent.

TeamTrait helps managers analyze the behavioral traits and business acumen of candidates and current team members in six categories:

  • Work Traits
  • Motivation
  • Leadership Traits
  • Selling Traits
  • Behavioral Traits
  • Team Dynamics – which includes Empathy, Critical Thinking and Toxicity Risk

To learn more about TeamTrait, visit TeamTrait​.com.  Virtually anyone can create their own account and create a free profile of themselves and a team member. No commitment or credit card is required.