SalesTouch CRM Tool Helps Drive $1 Million Growth in 4 Months for Newspaper Media Company OPUBCO

ST-1024x1024Despite a difficult economy for newspaper media companies, Oklahoma City-​based OPUBCO Communications Group has recently been able to generate large revenue and run-​rate increases.

OPUBCO credits their results to the staff's use of the SalesTouch CRM from Sales Development Services combined with a new go-​to-​market strategy developed by K Group Inc.

"We've closed just over one million dollars in revenue between October 2012 and January 2013 that had nothing to do with 'business as usual,'" said Patti Hannan , OPUBCO Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "It had everything to do with the fact that K Group's go-​to-​market strategy, coupled with our new CRM system SalesTouch, focused us on the accounts that were not getting proper attention, at the right time, with the right engagement strategy."

Hannan is a featured speaker at the NAA MediaXchange Conference April 14 ‑17, 2013 in Orlando, Fla., conducting a session on "Maximizing CRM Adoption" and sharing OPUBCO's success story.

This powerful combination of the SalesTouch CRM, K Group consulting and AdMall® business intelligence empowered the sales team at OPUBCO to generate results like these during their first four months:

  • A major advertiser increased their year-​over-​year investment by 50%, resulting in several hundred thousand dollars of new revenue using K Group's Big-​Ask™ sales process. OPUBCO put a strategic focus on an account that had been "preprint-​only" and turned it into a preprint, newspaper and digital account.
  • A local dental practice experienced an annual increase exceeding $100,000 in ad spending with use of the proprietary Diagnosis Call™ tool in SalesTouch – a localized, account-​specific needs analysis.
  • A home remodeling company doubled their investment through a targeted digital marketing campaign that yielded a solid return on investment for this long-​term advertiser.

"We didn't want to build just another CRM. We wanted to build a smarter CRM for media sales that provided direction on which accounts need to be in the sales pipeline now (versus later) and guided sales people to their Next Touch," says C. Lee Smith , SalesTouch creator and President/​CEO of Sales Development Services.

SalesTouch is the only CRM to fully integrate K Group's Momentum Dashboard™. This exclusive sales tool is based on actual sales results from over 185,000 advertisers — analyzing prior sales data to generate strategies that lead to incremental increases from existing clients. It also serves as an early warning system for advertisers before advertisers experience revenue declines.

"With SalesTouch's mobile app, we achieved two important objectives: more selling time in the field and a mobile sales force that could outrun even the most technically savvy media competitor," Hannan said. "So it is a win-​win scenario."

SalesTouch Mobile for the iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices is available now in Apple's iTunes App Store. Users of Android smartphones and tablets can download SalesTouch Mobile in the Google Play market.

Additional remarks from Hannan can be viewed on a video running on SalesTouch​.com. NAA MediaXChange attendees are invited to visit the SalesTouch display at booth 200.



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