SalesWire Unveiled: Cutting-​Edge Media Sales Application Launched at BIA/​Kelsey Conference

Sales Development Services launches the first interactive pipeline manager for local media sales

SalesWire-logo-stacked-blue copyWESTERVILLE, Ohio (March 25, 2015) Sales Development Services, the creators of the popular AdMall local media sales research platform, announced today the launch of SalesWire — the first interactive sales pipeline manager for media companies and their digital agencies — at the BIA/​Kelsey National Conference in Dallas, TX.

"4 out of 5 media representatives do not consistently make timely, relevant proposals that accentuate the advertiser's unique business proposition," said C. Lee Smith, President/​CEO of Sales Development Services, Inc. “And most managers are frustrated they don't have more time to properly coach these reps. SalesWire changes all of that,” he added.

SalesWire provides personalized, daily direction for media salespeople. Specifically, SalesWire uses a set of proprietary predictive models, advising sales representatives to call on the right local accounts with the right approach at the right time. It also transforms the relationship new reps have with their accounts using timely, account-​specific sales intelligence from AdMall, AudienceSCAN and BIA/​Kelsey.

"The incorporation of our Media Ad View Plus data into SalesWire not only allows managers to budget for changing media spend patterns in their market, but it also advises their account executives which accounts are predisposed to buying the media solutions they’re representing," said Tom Buono, CEO of BIA/​Kelsey — the leading research and advisory company focused on the local advertising marketplace.

SalesWire is a SaaS that analyzes every account and every sales territory using K Group’s Momentum Pipeline to provide each rep with their OWN strategic action plan – rather than relying on them to throw proverbial darts against the wall.

"Each rep's customized Momentum Pipeline recommends which advertisers to focus sales attention, how to engage each advertiser, what the ‘ask’ should be, and the optimal size of the rep's pipeline to ensure goal achievement," said Jerry Kackley, CEO of K Group and consultant to media companies for more than 20 years.

SalesWire even offers Smart Prospects, which are unique to each user. It makes sales professionals more productive by focusing their sales time on the accounts that are likely to have the greatest impact on revenue.

By utilizing the tools sales representatives already use every day of e‑mail, calendars and text messages, SalesWire provides these benefits:

  • Personalized: Each individual’s SalesWire feed is different based on their pipeline, the media they sell and which accounts are at risk or ready to grow.
  • Focused: SalesWire prioritizes sales time on making relevant proposals for the accounts most likely to impact the bottom line – and closing them.
  • Timely: Like a wire service used by your newsroom, SalesWire feeds sales reps new information every business morning and afternoon with the next steps and opportunities for impressing accounts.

For more information, visit SalesWire​.com to request a free demo or call 614.794.0500.



Sales Development Services, Inc. provides the tools, training and intelligence for developing sales by media, advertising agencies and in-​house marketers. The firm’s core philosophy is to empower its clients to deliver greater value to their clients. Products and services include the AdMall® product line to enhance the ability of account executives to speak intelligently about every advertiser's line of business and sales-​building opportunities. SalesTouch® is the Smarter CRM for Media Sales with predictive analytics for every account. SDS also offers online audience optimization via AudienceSCAN™, SDS also offers an annual, proprietary State of Media Sales™ survey. It is the most comprehensive independent study to identify the current landscape and emerging media sales trends and is widely anticipated within the space. For more information, current thought leadership and firm philosophy, visit our website at www​.salesfuel​.wpengine​.com, our Media Sales Today™ e‑newsletter and learn our 10 Guiding Principles.



BIA/​Kelsey advises companies in the local media space through consulting, advisory services, research and forecasts, and conferences. Media Ad View Plus shows where the ad dollars are going in local markets and nationwide across 12 media, 12 ad categories and 94 business verticals. This forecast, developed using BIA/Kelsey’s rigorous and highly respected forecasting methodology, delivers reliable data companies need to make successful sales and budgeting decisions. BIA/Kelsey’s annual conferences draw executives from across industries seeking expert guidance on how companies are finding innovative ways to grow. Additional information is available at http://​www​.biakelsey​.com.

Beth Frederick
Beth is the Vice President of Marketing at SalesFuel. She has over 20 years of experience client-​side, agency-​side and for one of the largest media companies in North America.