SDS Introduces New SalesTouch CRM System for Media Sales

Sales Development Services, Inc. (SDS) announced today the launch of SalesTouch®, an innovative new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed specifically for media advertising sales professionals.

SalesTouch analyzes advertiser spending history and revenue trends to offer specific engagement strategies to retain existing accounts, maximize revenue opportunities and empower account executives to better manage their selling time. SalesTouch also guides salespeople to be proactive with their accounts, instead of just reacting when the advertiser calls, by focusing on their next action or “touch.”SalesTouch-Photo

We didn’t want to build another CRM that just counts what you sell. We wanted to build one that actually helps you sell,” says C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Sales Development Services, Inc. “That’s why the design of this CRM system was based on a very simple premise: The only thing more important than what you’ve done for an advertiser is what you do next,” Smith adds.

SalesTouch is the only CRM that integrates a Momentum Dashboard™ into each advertiser’s profile information. These proprietary algorithms provide media sales reps with information that other CRMs do not, like an account that’s in danger of shrinking or potentially going away.

The revenue momentum of individual advertisers is changing at unprecedented rates,” says Jerry Kackley, president of K Group and developer of the Momentum Dashboard. “Sales professionals that use Momentum have a clear and distinct advantage over their media counterparts that are simply guessing about how to engage their advertisers.”

Another exclusive element of SalesTouch is the full integration of AdMall®, the most powerful consultative sales intelligence database available for local and digital advertising. AdMall provides SalesTouch users with qualified local advertising sales opportunities, local market background research for more than 400 business types, and an online version of AdMall’s Diagnosis Call™ – which takes advertiser needs analysis to a whole new level.

These two exclusive features will help media reps become much more effective sellers, because it tells them both when and how to engage advertisers,” says Smith.

SalesTouch was built from the ground up for account executives to use on touchscreen devices in the field. SalesTouch Mobile for the iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices is available now in the iTunes App Store. Users of Android smartphones and tablets can download SalesTouch Mobile in the Google Play market.

To learn more about SalesTouch, go to www​.salestouch​.com.


Sales Development Services (SDS), Inc. — a Westerville, Ohio firm founded in 1989 — is the parent company of SalesTouch. SDS also provides AdMall, Ad-​ology Research, the Media Sales Basics training program, and the Media Sales Today daily advertising sales blog. SalesTouch and AdMall are registered trademarks of Sales Development Services, Inc. Momentum Dashboard is a registered trademark of K Group, Inc.