Sell Smarter Award Highlights AdMall's Co-​op Plan Intelligence

BY Adam Ambro

Hi.  I’m Doug Lessells. On behalf of everyone at SalesFuel, we welcome you to this month’s featured Sell Smarter Award — where we honor excellence in media sales.

Rebecca Godwin, multimedia rep for The Post and Courier, is a veteran of media sales, having been a rep for over 25 years. Being on the job that long means Godwin has plenty of experience when it comes to looking for easy and resourceful ways to make sales. For this sale to an outdoor power equipment dealer, Godwin spotlights the AdMall Minute email.

I check AdMall Minutes daily to check out all new offers or expiring co-​op plans,” said Godwin. “I noted Husqvarna or Exmark was offering a new co-​op program for the summer. [This local business] does an annual three-​day sale in March using most of their co-​op during that time. I took a chance, called [the owner at the business] to let her know about the special and maybe she could use some of her co-op.”

I’ve been using AdMall for over 25 years and the daily AdMall minute email, keeps me up to date with what’s happening in the marketing and advertising world,” said Godwin. “Also, I love the ‘expiring soon’ co-​op plans.  I love to find co-​op for new clients because it’s newfound money for them.”

[For this sale], we used co-​op for half-​page full color ads for Husqvarna, Exmark and Honda. The Husqvarna and Exmark ads were for high-​end commercial zero turn mowers $1,599-$4,200. We featured specific models and products in each ad for both Husky and Exmark. The Honda co-​op was used to promote generators in our weekly ‘hurricane wire’ e‑newsletter, being hurricane season starts June 1st.”

The campaign Godwin came up with, a mix of print ads with digital geotargeted banner ads and push down ads, was an immediate success.

Almost each week we would have to replace at least one of the featured products in the ads,” said Godwin, “as they would sell out of a specific advertised model. Normally, during the summer months, their activity slows a bit for sales and picks up for repairs. With this three-​month campaign, their sales were consistent, and sales increased more than usual during the summer. One of the salesmen told the owner ‘stop running ads in the Post and Courier [because] we are selling out of everything.’ Customers would bring the Post and Courier ads into the store wanting [a specific] product.”

Godwin’s sale was for $22,100 over just a three-​month span. She expects follow-​up success and sales with the company as well.

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