Sell Smarter — Episode 24 — Refuel Yourself

BY Rachel Cagle
Featured image for “Sell Smarter — Episode 24 — Refuel Yourself”

Ever have a time when your energy is low and you just aren’t enjoying sales like you usually do? 

I’m C. Lee Smith and this is Sell Smarter. 

You need to get rid of the mental junk that’s causing your funk before it shows up in your sales numbers. 

Start by being honest with yourself and owning what’s yours. No excuse making or blame shifting. 

Focus on the one part of sales you do really well. The success will spill over to other aspects of your work. 

Help someone else make a big sale — or just do good for someone else. The good feelings will come back to you. 

Most importantly, ACT! Don’t sit around and let anxiety, fear and doubt take root. You know what’s not working for you, so do something different. 

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