Many Shoppers will Use Daily Deal Websites for Holiday, Special Occasion Gifts

PriceGrabber recently released additional results from its Local Deals Survey, revealing that shoppers will largely be looking to daily deal Websites when shopping for gifts during the 2011 holiday season. According to the results, 59% of respondents are planning to use these Websites for holiday or special occasion gift purchases. When those respondents were asked to select all of the holidays and special occasions they plan to purchase a gift for using a daily deal Website, 60% said Christmas or Hanukkah, 56% indicated a birthday, and 23% plan to purchase an anniversary gift. 


When respondents were asked to select all of the categories they search for local deals, 45% said the food and dining category; shopping came in a close second, at 40%. In addition, 31% of respondents said they search the entertainment and events category, and 25% search for hotels and travel-​related deals.

"The emerging popularity of the experiential gift — such as eating in a restaurant one might not otherwise be able to afford — largely ties into the joy consumers seem to find in sharing discounts with others through the new trend of social buying," commented Graham Jones, general manager of PriceGrabber. "PriceGrabber recently found that 86% of shoppers said they share the great deals they find with family and friends. Given that the holidays are a time to reconnect with loved ones, we anticipate that fine-​dining experiences will continue to be high on wish lists come December."


The American addiction to frequent daily deal shopping has become considerable in the few years since the industry emerged. PriceGrabber survey results found that 31% of consumers purchase one to four deals per month, and 15% buy one or more deals per week. However, according to the study, although shoppers buy deals often, they can't be bothered to spend all day browsing. An overwhelming 63% of respondents indicated that they spend less than 30 minutes a day sifting through local deal sites.

"PriceGrabber found that a sizable amount of consumers are shopping for daily deals frequently, and this number is likely to grow as we approach the holiday season," said Jones. "When the shopping season is fully under way, streamlining the search process will be crucial.


Daily deal sites boast big discounts, but consumers generally have become realistic in their expectations of how much they will save when purchasing a local deal. According to PriceGrabber, 37% of respondents indicated that they do not have a specific savings requirement for purchasing a deal, 25% said they require saving 25% to 49%, 19% expect a 50% to 75% discount, and 16% hope to save 15% to 24%. Only 2% of shoppers said they require saving more than 75%.

"Consumers are demonstrating a healthy attitude when it comes to their expectations about daily deals," Jones added. "In the wake of the economic crisis, shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy — they are looking to local deal sites to save money, but they aren't expecting outlandish discounts to transport them to their prerecession lifestyles. This realistic attitude is promising for the longevity of the industry, and we expect that it will drive the types of purchases shoppers will make during the 2011 holiday season."

[Source:  Local Deals Survey.  PriceGrabber/​Experian.  11 July 2011.  Web.  22 July 2011.]