Should You Stay or Go?

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Not all clients are going to be a dream to work with, but what do you do when your project hits a snag because of a client’s inattention? In a recent article, Michael W. McLaughlin, principal with MindShare Consulting, presents a few common situations that agencies may face. For example, you might get stuck with a client who never seems to have the time for your agency, which is a red flag indicating the project isn’t a top priority. McLaughlin offers four options when the client just isn’t stepping up to the plate: 1. You can wait until the client focuses on the project, which may be never. 2. You can find your way around that person to a committed sponsor. 3. You can proceed with the project in spite of the handicap. 4. Or, you can walk away. McLaughlin warns that if you decide to continue onward with the project, make sure you prepare for future delays. For more input on potential problems, including never-ending fee negotiations, click here to read his article on Rain Today.

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