Question Answer
What is the cost? Click on the Buy Now button for the price for single-​user DIY courses. For groups, the price depends on how many sales managers you put through the course at the same time and what kind of delivery options you choose (facilitated vs DIY, for example).
What is the total time commitment for my managers? Most people should be able to complete the program in 8 to 9 hours.
Is this different from VILT (virtual instructor-​led training)? Why? All of the instruction for the program occurs in a series of 36 videos that last just over 8 minutes on average. Participants also have access to application exercises and quizzes.

The videos are accessed through an online learning platform that allows 24/​7 access from any device. This allows managers to complete the program at their own pace.

What’s the difference between the DIY and facilitated delivery? In the DIY version, each participant completes the course at his or her own pace with no interaction with others. In the facilitated versions, there are regular webinars that allows participants to share ideas with each other and engage in discussions relevant to their workplace.
How can I evaluate whether this program is a good fit for my organization? Yes. Start by just watching the complementary lesson included on this page.
Is this course relevant to today’s world where most of my sales managers and salespeople are working remotely? Definitely. There is an entire lesson devoted specifically to that topic in the course. Moreover, effective remote managing needs all the tools and approaches used by in-​person managers, only applied with more rigor and discipline.
Can we get progress reports? Yes, if you choose a facilitated delivery. Twice-​monthly reports are included in that package.