Sneak Peek At Top Marketing Formats for 2020

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients asking whether they should be focusing on newer kinds of ad formats as they start planning for 2020? You can look like an expert when you discuss the results of The Mondo Creative & Digital Trends report. Here are the details.

Video Marketing

Not surprisingly, video marketing scored the top spot on the list of 67% of digital marketers. Specifically, marketers will be spending money on:

  • Instagram stories 66%
  • Newsfeed videos 62%
  • Gifs 52%
  • Cinemographs 31%
  • Live streaming 28%
  • IGTV (Instagram TV) 28%

Voice Search

We’ve heard plenty about the growing interest in voice search. Consumers are awash in devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. Research shops like comScore have announced that up to 50% of searches next year will be done by voice. Last year, commerce driven by voice search resulted in $1.8 billion in sales for marketers. 

All of those details may be true, but only 10% of Mondo survey respondents said that voice search will be important this year and next in terms of their marketing plans. About 17% of businesses have enhanced their websites in order to handle voice search.

Paid Search and Websites

In the meantime, paid search continues to perform for marketers. They’ll focus on keywords (83%) and remarketing (76%) for the rest of this year and into 2020. They also understand that speed equals success in the world of digital marketing and commerce. Nearly 40% of businesses will invest in their websites with the goal of optimizing for reactive design.

You can check out how well your clients are doing on the reactive design front by running a Digital Audit on them. The tool, available at AdMall from SalesFuel, shows both desktop and mobile speed scores. Potential customers are apt to skip slow-​loading sites. Once your prospects learn the details, they’ll want to sign up for your digital marketing services.