Social Video Ready to Make Big Gains

My post earlier today focused on native ads. Some research shops are warning marketers to be cautious with the native ad approach. But social media platform operators can point to success with native ads – or branded content – especially when using social video.

Online video, until recently, has largely been about pre-​roll ads that consumers had to endure before they got access to the content they really wanted to see. But marketers are broadening their scope and investing in videos that are longer and designed to be shared. According to statistics tallied by Visible Measures, social video ads were viewed 1.3 billion times in the first quarter of this year, marking a nearly 100% increase over same quarter last year.

For now, Google’s YouTube leads in this space. Each month, at least 150 million unique viewers are watching content videos. Yahoo! is a distant second in the market with 55 million unique viewers. However, when consumers share videos they like, they turn to Facebook. Up to 72% of online video sharing is done with the popular social network. Other sharing formats include email (8.5%), Twitter (7.4%) and URL shares (6.8%).

Most marketers dream of getting their video to go viral. While that doesn’t often happen, eMarketers analysts say that social video advertising offers benefits that advertisers don't get in traditional formats, especially related to data tracking. Marketers will learn where the video ran, number of visits to Facebook, and clicks to their websites.

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Kathy Crosett
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