2020 State of Media Sales: COVID-​19 Special Report from AdMall

BY Audrey Strong
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State of Media Sales 2020 from AdMall

As 2019 was a great year for media sales, many sales managers were expecting similar revenue growth in 2020, not including political ad estimates. And then coronavirus arrived. Over the past two months, revenue has dramatic hit. Many sales managers are expecting to see up to a 50% drop in revenue.

In this COVID-​19 Special Report from AdMall, media sales managers share their thought about the current state of media sales. And it’s not all doom and gloom! Many are optimistic about the economic recovery awaiting the country in coming months. And many media salespeople are adapting to the challenge. Don’t let yourself and your sales team be caught unprepared. 

Learn when and where to look for recovery and growth with the State of Media Sales 2020 Whitepaper.

Thanks to BIA Advisory Services, Jim Doyle & Associates, Spots N Dots and the Media Sales Professionals group on LinkedIn for their support of this study.

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