Speaking Opportunities Can Also Open the Door to New Business

When speaking to an audience, presenters should view all attendees as potential clients. Whether at a conference, luncheon, or trade show, speakers can gain quality leads from any speaking engagement, but many presenters miss the opportunity. Why? Perhaps they don’t add any special touches to their presentation. Anne Scarlett, president of Scarlett Consulting, believes special touches are vital if a presenter is to walk away from a speech with a healthy list of prospects. "When done well, quality presentations followed by multiple touches will go a long way towards increasing your firm's visibility and positioning you as an industry expert," she writes. "Executing a range of steps before, during, and after the presentation will provide you with high returns from your speaking engagements." Scarlett goes on to offer up her take on what one should do before, during, and after a speaking engagement. Before giving a speech, one should:

  • Ask for-and review-the attendee list in advance.
  • Send attendees an email or snail mail in advance to describe the learning points from your presentation.
  • If you have in-person access to attendees before your speech, take time to mingle.
  • Look at the speaker roster.
  • Get fully acquainted with event/conference hosts.

By taking these steps, you're able to pique interest in your speech, focus your content, and make connections with other speakers (who may even be potential leads themselves.) Check out the rest of Scartlett's article, which includes tips on what to do during and after speaking, by clicking here.

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