Sports Apparel Marketers to Tout 2010 Trends

Sports apparel manufacturers are already looking to grow sales with their Spring 2010 lines. Manufacturers believe that consumers are spending more time outdoors, locally, because it is less expensive than traveling. Consumers may also be outdoors more because they’re trying to engage in healthier 960569_the_race_4lifestyles.

Manufacturers believe consumers will specifically be looking for apparel that has:

  • Solid price-​value relationship
  • Durability in higher-​end products

To ensure that consumers give their offerings a fresh look, manufacturers are blending function and fashion with technology. And they'll attempt to engage consumers with marketing campaigns that tout the following features:

Technical fabrics: These fabrics are often lightweight and translucent and offer specific features such as sun or waterproofing

Sustainability: Apparel will be crafted from natural rather than synthetic fabrics thus allowing marketers to emphasize their green/​environmental commitment to a consumer group that typically has a keen interest in the natural world

Apparel for popular sports: Marketers will be selling more apparel that specifically targets bike commuters and trail runners. Manufacturer research shows an increase in bike commuting and more interest in trail running, especially among women.

As marketers prepare their ad campaigns for the holidays and early spring season, they'll likely be trying to position their new fashions as able to meet the needs of the newly budget-​conscious but outdoorsy consumer.

[Source. Bouchard, Nancy, New Sports Apparel Trends to be Marketed for 2010, Sporting Goods Business, Summer 2009] 
Kathy Crosett
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