AdMall and SalesFuel are proud to present the Sell Smarter® Awards. The awards are presented quarterly to qualified media sellers who have shared a recent story of their sales success in generating new business or significantly growing an existing account. Entries are judged by members of the editorial team at Media Sales Today and representatives of SalesFuel, Inc.

Media sellers who submit their success stories and are selected for a Sell Smarter! Award receive a plaque, a $75 gift card, and a chance to win an iPad in a random drawing at the end of the year.


October 19, 2022

Jay Dye, a media consultant for NPD of Idaho, is a long-​time sales rep, having been in media sales for over 36 years now. Having pursued so many leads over the years, Dye knows that preparation and doing research before a sales call is crucial to any potential sale. That’s why Dye spent time developing a campaign for a local orthodontist company after reaching out to them via cold call

October 12, 2022

Elizabeth Sturges, an account executive at The Eagle, has only been selling media for a little over a year, but in that time has become comfortable enough with AdMall’s Digital Audit that she knew it would help her when she approached a worried equipment rental center. They were concerned that [they were] spending money elsewhere, but were not confident that the specific agency [they were currently using] was doing [their] business any good.


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