Stop Lead "Leaks"

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Letting a quality lead slip through your fingers can be maddening. Whether lost amid the clutter of day-to-day business or simply forgotten, an unexplored lead means not only a missed opportunity, but also a flaw in your agency’s business development system. Companies that gain control of the inquiry management process can see a 10% to 30% increase in both inquiries and qualified leads, according to James W. Obermayer, executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association. According to his article on Rain Today, the top places where sales leads are lost are: •    Calls to the agency •    Trade show inquiries •    “Contact Us” web forms •    Emails from the “Contact Us” webpage •    Direct mail inquiries In addition to pointing out where most “sales leakage” occurs, Obermayer also presents ways to fix the leaks. Once these problems are addressed, your agency should experience improved management of quality leads.

, Stop Lead "Leaks"
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