SalesFuel Sees Emerging Sales Talent at 5th Annual OHIO Sales Cup

On Saturday, Feb. 20, 15 competitors and 20 judges and corporate partners gathered for the 5th Annual OHIO Sales Cup at Ohio University, sponsored by SalesFuel. It was the largest—and the closest—OHIO Sales Cup yet. Dave Baxter, ’17 won by merely 1/​10 of a point.

SalesFuel's own Tim Londergan, '73, had the opportunity to judge the OHIO Sales Cup.

"Judging the sales competition was not a simple task," Londergan admitted. "We had a detailed checklist and saw a video that captured a successful exchange. The challenge was LISTENING for phrases, empathy and subtle clues; WATCHING for body language, mirroring and simple rapport. The buyers and sellers were coached, intense and well-​prepared. I came away from the experience with great respect for the OHIO Sales Cup competitors, their enthusiasm and desire to WIN! The experience was exceeded only by being in downtown Athens with good friends on a wonderful spring-​like weekend."

SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith, '88, was proud to sponsor the OHIO Sales Cup this year.

We put great emphasis on needs assessment, handling of objections and asking for the sale,” Smith, who judged both the preliminary and final rounds, said. “The finalists were well versed in these areas as well as the seemingly lost art of respecting the buyer’s space and time. While there are more distractions in the real world, this competition gave the students a strong foundation in the fundamentals of sales."

SalesFuel congratulates the finalists:

  • Champion: Dave Baxter, ‘17 (pictured with the OHIO Sales Cup)
  • Runner-​up: Greg Scott, ‘16 (far left)
  • Third place: Stephenson Swan, ‘16 (center right)
  • Fourth place: Andre Whiteleather, ‘17 (far right)
  • Fifth and sixth place: Adam Moses, ‘19 and Mike Balboa, ‘16 (not pictured)

Baxter will represent Ohio University at the National Collegiate Sales Competition, April 1–4, at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia.

For more details on the competition, see Brianna Wilson's article here.

Courtney Huckabay
Courtney is the Editor for SalesFuel Today. She analyzes secondary customer research and our primary AudienceSCAN research. Courtney is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.