How To Succeed As A New Sales Manager

BY Kathy Crosett
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Have you just moved into a sales management role? Congrats! Your awesome selling skills likely contributed to your success so far. If you want to be successful as a sales manager, you’ll need to develop a different set of skills.

Lisa Thal knows a thing or two about selling, especially media selling. In a recent Radio Ink article, Thal discusses five strategies that have helped her make a difference. Here are a couple of those ideas that you should consider.

Coaching and Developing Talent

When you move into management, you need to look at team members through a different lens. To best direct each person toward achieving personal and corporate goals, assess their strengths, weaknesses and skills. Your next step is to develop individual employee plans. Using a program like SalesFuel COACH, you can establish a personalized plan that will help you develop each rep. For example, some reps might need to work on sales skills. Other reps need to focus on communication skills. This process might sound time-​consuming. For many managers, it is! But, you can coach more efficiently when you use SalesFuel COACH’s 5‑Minute QuickCoaching videos, articles and audio clips.

Know Where You Want to Be

Every sales manager in your company has a number to hit. Those numbers might be reset quarterly. So, if you fell short last quarter, you might be able to make up for that in the current quarter. You might also be responsible for contract renewals, as well as add-​ons and new sales.

The last thing you want is a negative surprise from a large existing customer. Well in advance of contract renewal time, touch base with these clients. Thal recommends making calls with your reps in these situations. “There is always an opportunity to help existing clients," Thal explains. And if you truly suspect you can’t save the client, you need to have enough time to give senior management a heads-​up. At the same, you need to develop a game plan to make up for the shortfall. Work with your team members and “make a list of accounts you can target to convert.”

When you work tirelessly to develop your reps and their list of accounts, you’ll succeed as a sales manager.