Tablet Users More Likely to Buy Online Than Smartphone Users

by | 1 minute read

Tablets have become the mobile device choice for consumers shopping online. Those using tablets treat them like a PC, comparing products and making purchases.  In fact, online shoppers are three times more likely to make a purchase on a tablet compared with a smartphone, according to “The State of Mobile Benchmark-Q2 2013.” tabletuser

While consumers might use smartphones to quickly check a reference, such as price checks or finding store locations, the conversion more often occurs on a tablet. But the preferences for tablets versus smartphones vary depending on the type of site they are visiting, either from a search engine or app.

Retail Web sites get the most tablet traffic, followed by auto and travel and hospitality sites. While users on tablets prefer shopping on retail and e-commerce sites, consumers on smartphones tend to frequent telecom and media sites more often.

Still, iOS remains the operating system used most frequently. It accounts for 49% of smartphone searches or browsing in the U.S., followed by Android at 45%. During the past 12 months, Research in Motion (RIM) declined from 5% to 1% share of visits in the U.S., while Windows maintained its 1% share.

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