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How to Increase Email Open and Click Rates

While email is still a medium that everyone uses and advertisers rely on, its effective usage methods tend to change. That’s why it’s important to stay updated on the latest trends and studies concerning email marketing.

67% of Consumers Value High-Quality Content Marketing

Even when consumers can tell they are looking at content marketing, most (67%) still value it. Especially when it is transparent and of high quality.

Online Video: Marketing Expert Recommended For Top ROI

Companies that utilize online video ads witness 41% more web search traffic than their video-less counterparts.

AE Heals Ailing Medical Product Solutions Company with Fresh Co-op Ad Funds

A local medical product solutions company in West Virginia was partnered with a smaller hospital in its area. Suddenly, a larger local hospital opened its own medical supply store, introducing new competition to the product solution’s company.

Why Online Video is a Must-Have for Your Advertising Clients

While the recognition of radio jingles and printed logos is good, there’s a certain human variable that is lacking when face-to-face interaction is out of the advertising equation. Online video can fill that gap.

Account Exec Helps Turn Around Business using Targeted Advertising

A small-town car dealership in Indiana was already in trouble when it changed ownership this past spring. The previous owners had left the company in shambles, having lost credibility with customers and having built a negative reputation in the community.

Why Your Clients Should Spend More on OOH Ads

Out-of-home ad formats continue to perform for marketers. But, could those transit signs and billboards be doing even more for your clients’ bottom lines?

The Important Aspects of Email Marketing Your Competition is Overlooking

With all the positivity responders of GetResponse and Smart Insights' show toward email marketing, some survey results of how they're using email are shocking.

80% of Marketers Now Using Attribution on Some or All Campaigns

The marriage of big data and digital advertising should be able to deliver accurate attribution statistics for media buyers. With so many digital channels now available, your clients want to know if they should put more money into email or if they would reach more consumers with a video ad campaign. Good attribution modeling can give them answers.

Newspapers Carrying Ads for Marijuana Marketers Might Violate Law

"While the spreading legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational uses stands to produce many subsidiary economic benefits, in areas ranging from food delivery to the flagging black light industry, newspapers may not be able to cash in on this emerging opportunity, at least through advertising."

Traditional Retailers Survive by Marketing Their Innovations

The sound of the future is getting louder for retailers. For many, that sound is the click of a computer button or the swipe of a screen on a mobile device. Bricks and mortar retailers, especially grocers, would like to hear the sounds of more shoppers in their stores. To achieve that goal, Nielsen analysts say they must innovate.

U.S. Ad Spending Increase Revised to 2.9% for 2014

Last year, GroupM analysts predicted that global ad spending would rise 5.1% in 2014. But the firm has pulled back a bit from that lofty projection. Global ad spending will likely increase only by about 4.6% this year and Medialife Magazine’s Diego Vasquez recently spoke with the firm’s Futures Director Adam Smith about what media providers can expect as we move through 2014.

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