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Introducing Affluencers and Why You Need to Advertise to Them

Affluencers spend 40% more than affluents and, out of every consumer group, their future purchase intent is the greatest. Here's who they are and how to advertise to them.

Affluents Consciously Consume Quality First

The luxury market faces a drought in the USA as affluents choose conscious consumption, rather than conspicuous brands, according to Marketing in New Luxury Style in 2015: What Affluents Buy, How They Spend, Where They Shop & How They Feel about their Wealth & Finances.

Marketers to Target Affluents with Apps, Ads on Mobile Devices

Consumers with household incomes exceeding $250,000 may be the target of higher tax rates but they are also a key audience for marketers. Nearly 7 million U.S. adults enjoy these high income levels; however, they aren’t identical with respect to media use. Marketers who target affluents by age group and in specific environments will have the best success in getting their messages through.