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Reach 90%+ of African Americans Using These Ad Types

African Americans are 43% more likely than other Americans to say that they like to have a lot of gadgets, according to the Nielsen report “It’s In The Bag: Black Consumers’ Path To Purchase.” This should give advertisers more peace of mind knowing they have a ton of options when advertising to African Americans.

African Americans, Hispanics Make Great Targets for Digital Radio Ads

Researchers have long noted that African American and Hispanic consumers are more active than other ethnic groups on social media. These groups also make use of the latest smartphone technology. Another new study points out that these consumers also make good candidates for digital radio advertising.

New African-American Demographics to Bring Marketing Shifts

Marketers know all about Black History Month and often run special promotions every February to reach African American consumers. But recent studies show the rising economic power of this demographic group which is expected to make up 13.8% of the total U.S. population by 2015. As a result, marketers are reconsidering the way they’ve been targeting African Americans.

Marketers to Target African Americans with Financial Management Advice

As consumers adjust to the new economic reality, they must focus on the household budget and find ways to cut expenses and debt. Each ethnic group faces unique challenges when managing money and this generalization holds true for African Americans. As a result, financial services companies will be focusing their marketing efforts on African Americans this year.