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Airlines Struggle to Achieve Brand Loyalty

Despite the airline industry's best efforts to encourage brand loyalty and to convince passengers that paying for checked bags is logical, most Americans do not favor any specific airline. A new poll, conducted for TheStreet by GfK, took a look at consumer preferences when it comes to flying.

Deals Motivate Leisure Travelers to Take More Trips

Consumers are busy planning their next vacation, and, for many, the number of trips they take and the length of these trips is linked to the deals they find. Parago, an operator in the rebate and consumer incentives space, just published its findings on the leisure travel planning industry and the impact deals can make in the decision-making process. Hotel and airline marketers must roll out specific offers to generate the highest reward on their investment.

Mobile Payments to Take Flight as Airlines Add More Payment Options

Airline passengers might be taking a closer look at the SkyMall magazine in the seat pocket in front of them, as more airlines add mobile payment options. More than a third (36%) of airlines plan to accept mobile payments on-board flights within the next two years, according to a new survey. Airlines expect mobile payment options to create extra revenue as more passengers pay for a flight, buy an upgrade, buy in-flight goods, etc.

Airlines Woo More Travelers with Convenience

It's not hard to notice the service cutbacks that air carriers have put in place the past few years. And, with more business and leisure travelers taking to the air, service providers may find they have to work a little harder to score more bookings. For many airlines, it will come down to marketing what the consumer is looking for.

Airlines to Market More Services via Mobile

It’s hard to think of a consumer group that relies more on mobile technology and feels more captive to a service provider than today’s business travelers. These consumers often build their schedules around tight connections and rely on flawless air travel service to help them achieve their goals. When the system fails, air travel service providers have an opportunity to redeem themselves by combining marketing and technology.

Business Travel Service Operators Promoting More Amenities

As the business travel market picks up in 2012, service operators in this industry need to review what they are offering and how to appeal to prospective clients. New research shows that business travelers are increasingly comprised of a wide range of demographic groups. As a result, hotels and airlines must broaden the scope of their marketing.

Marketing Changes Coming for Regional Airlines

Regional airlines were supposed to find profits flying small planes on short routes. That strategy might have worked – except that the high cost of fuel followed by the steep drop in business travel during the recession changed everything. According to a Businessweek article, these airlines are overloaded with 50 seat regional jets which are no longer able to deliver profits.