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Hotel Bars to Cater to Travelers’ Need to Unwind

"Alcohol has long been embedded in American culture, from the bar to the home to the brew pub and beyond, reports Nielsen. When we think about how and where America will drink in the coming years, we need to consider today’s on-the-go, fragmented consumer landscape. The bedrock of travel stay is the hotel, where opportunities remain to up the ante in the alcohol industry."

Addiction Treatment Centers to Promote Increased Sobriety Rates with Nutritional Therapy

"Scientists are finding that addressing nutritional deficiencies and gut bacteria health may be missing pieces of the sobriety puzzle. Overcoming alcohol addiction isn’t easy, even with expert help. Estimated success rates in the few years following treatment vary between 20 and 50 percent, depending on the criteria used and severity of addiction, reports Health Line."

Millennials are Increasingly Open to Buying Beer in New Retail Environments

"The market hears about fragmentation quite a bit, but its effects can’t be underestimated—even in categories that have historically boasted clearly defined paths-to-purchase. Today, information is everywhere, choice is rampant, and even the most traditional consumer journeys are shifting."

Adult Beverage Marketers to Target Men, Millennials

The adult beverage market is changing as more Millennials come of age and begin to purchase beer, wine, and spirits. In recent years, U.S. adults have been increasing their wine and spirits consumption, a trend which has beer marketers looking for new ways to engage shoppers. Nielsen analysts point out that marketers can bump up sales by understanding which demographic is likely to purchase their product and when the planning for the purchase begins.

Foodservice Alcohol Sales Predicted to Drop in 2010

Bars and nightclubs may be the only foodservice vendors that have reason to cheer in 2010. That’s because these establishments are expected to see sales of beverage alcohol rise by 0.6%. According to Technomic other away-from-home businesses will see a further decline in sales of beverage alcohol in 2010. The overall average drop may be about 2.5% but some establishments will fare better than others.