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Hotel Bars to Cater to Travelers’ Need to Unwind

"Alcohol has long been embedded in American culture, from the bar to the home to the brew pub and beyond, reports Nielsen. When we think about how and where America will drink in the coming years, we need to consider today’s on-the-go, fragmented consumer landscape. The bedrock of travel stay is the hotel, where opportunities remain to up the ante in the alcohol industry."

Alcohol Sales at Restaurants & Bars Expected to Increase in 2011

Restaurant and bar owners are expected to see a modest boost in alcoholic beverage sales in 2011, according to new research from consulting firm Technomic Inc., as consumers entertaining away from home are beginning to order more drinks. Overall restaurant and bar alcohol sales are forecast to increase a nominal 1.9% in 2011. Technomic is predicting that cocktails will see the greatest sales growth in 2011 among alcoholic beverage categories, with an increase of 2.3% in 2011 versus 2010’s forecasted growth of 0.7%. Trends that are expected to increase sales in 2011 include“skinny” or lower calorie drinks, premium and high-cachet gins and bourbons and “retro cocktails,” among other concepts.

Magazines Influence Men’s Beverage Selection

What does it mean when 5,000 men fill out a survey on what and where they like to drink? For one thing, marketers can use this information to recalibrate their ad campaigns to reach the elusive male. The findings of the recent Esquire survey on this topic tell us a bit about the differences between older and younger men when it comes to drinking, too.

At-Home Alcohol Consumption Rises as Consumers Cut Back on Eating Out.

The nearly $80 billion off-premise alcoholic beverage market has grown 21% since 2004 as more consumers cut back on eating out in light of trying economic times, according to research by Mintel. Among alcohol drinkers, 90% consume alcoholic beverages at home, compared to 77% who drink outside the home. Drinkers are also cutting back in terms of the alcohol they're purchasing for at-home consumption — 28% of respondents who drink alcoholic beverages at home have traded down to less expensive brands than last year to save money. While beer enjoys the largest share of market sales (48%), wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage consumed off-premise, with 67% of those who drink alcohol at home indulging in a glass.