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Research Increases Account Spending to $75,000 at KFVS-TV

KFVS-TV/WQWQ-TV Success Manager Rebecca Lambert was on a mission to help her sales team upsell a current energy client. “This business faces many challenges as they carry unique products with a high upfront cost to the consumer but lead to money savings down the road,” Lambert explained.

Lower-income Consumers Buying into Residential Solar Energy

Residential solar energy was long associated with well-heeled homeowners who could afford to pay the hefty price being charged for rooftop panels. But, the technology has improved and energy-related companies are rolling out financing programs that allow homeowners to invest in solar for little or no money down. These heavily advertised programs are attracting attention and driving sales in the residential market.

Homeowners Buying Into Energy Conservation

U.S. consumers are desperate to save energy. 98% of U.S. homeowners surveyed as part of the Lennox Home Energy report card say they want to conserve energy, to either help save money and/or protect the environment.