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Millennials are Purchasing Artwork and Utilizing Social Media to Find Their Pieces

Millennials are much more interested in art than previous generations, and social media may be driving their attraction to it, according to a new study conducted by Park West Gallery, one of the world's largest private art galleries.

The “art” of selling – the permanent TO DO

While sales without salespeople is possible, salespeople, you included, have the power to make a sale that will lead to long-term, reoccurring or multiple sales, if you master the art of emotionally-connected selling.

More Marketers to Emphasize Unique Artists, Non-custom Frames

There’s little doubt that the recent recession wreaked havoc on the fine art market. But that market seems to be back as evidenced by the traffic seen and works sold at the New York’s Armory Week this past March. Collectors were scooping up watercolors by Louise Bourgeois for as much as $65,000 each. Then, there’s wall art for the rest of us.