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Retailers to Target Asian-American Consumers Digitally

"Asian Americans are among the most digitally enabled and tech-adopting consumers in the country, and that plays a big role in how this group is influenced, engages with brands, seeks out information makes purchase decisions and ultimately decides which products and services to buy, reports Nielsen. This process is often described as the path to purchase. Brands able to connect with Asian American consumers along this path can form mutually beneficial relationships with a powerful consumer group, while also peeking around the corner at the future of consumption among all consumers."

Start Marketing to Overlooked Asian Consumers

Advertisers are not taking full advantage of the opportunities of marketing to Asian-Americans, according to There‰Ûªs Room for More Asian Marketing. Asian-Americans love smartphones and social media.

Asian Americans Emerging as Economic Powerhouse

The rapidly growing Asian American population is emerging as a powerful economic force that is expected to have a collective buying power of $1 trillion by 2017. According to new research from Nielsen, Asian Americans earn more than overall U.S. households and currently comprise about six percent of the country’s overall population. Marketers should offer culturally sensitive programming and services to target Asian Americans.

Marketers to Target High-Income Asian-Americans

African-Americans and Hispanics have been the target of separate ad budgets and campaigns for a while now. But there’s a new kid on the block. The Asian-American demographic is growing rapidly. In addition, this demographic group has a unique feature that many marketers desire — higher than average household income.

Despite $509B in Annual Buying Power, Asian Pacific Americans Often Overlooked By Marketers

Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) are among the most influential and important sectors of U.S. society often overlooked by marketers and major corporations, business leaders and experts, according to new research. Even with annual "purchasing power of $509 billion," Asian Americans don't always get consideration by marketers, said Saul Gitlin, Executive Vice President of Strategic Services at Kang & Lee Advertising, which was ranked the #1 Asian Multicultural Agency by Advertising Age in April 2012.