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Radio Stations to Identify, Target Super Listeners

As a traditional media format, radio still has muscle. About 90% of U.S. consumers spend at least a little time listening to the radio. In general, the listening time amounts to about 2 hours a week and that’s often done in the morning. But some consumers listen to the radio for much longer periods of time. These super listeners, notes Nielson, should be of keen interest to radio stations and the marketers they’re selling airtime to.

Marketers Prepare for the Rise of the Plurals

Do you finally have the demographic details of the Millennial generation nailed down? Feel confident that you understand how to market to this tech-savvy group? That’s great because it’s time to move on to the next generation of consumers. According to Frank N. Magid Associates, the Plurals are here.

Retailer Websites and Apps Engaging Shoppers

Enterprises are committing, on average, about 1/3 of their marketing budgets to digital tools. Consumers have strong opinions about various forms of digital marketing, whether it’s email, social media or daily deals. The Ryan Partnership recently surveyed consumers to discover how specific types of digital marketing impact their behavior. Some formats, like daily deals cause shoppers to spend more than they’ve budgeted while others, like shopping apps, up the fun factor.

Brands Aim for Guru Status with Gen Y Shoppers

Targeting prospective customers solely by age group has fallen out of fashion as marketers have been able to more clearly identify audience attributes in recent years. Age does matter in some circumstances, though, especially in terms of the relationships consumers have with brands. The GfK Brand Benchmark Study reveals that Gen X and Gen Y consumers value brands differently, largely because of the current life stage they are in, and smart marketers are seeking specific kinds of relationships to maximize revenue with these potential customers.

Alternative Financial Institutions to Roll Out New Small-Dollar Credit Loans

Despite the improving economy, consumers often find themselves in a financial emergency and need credit to get through to the next paycheck. About 15 million U.S. consumers lack access to traditional banks and credit cards and regularly turn to small-dollar credit (SDC) products. These services are provided by pawn companies, payday loan operators and paycheck advance or similar services and often come with high interest rates. To help consumers break this cycle and to encourage industry operators to market new products, the Center for Financial Services Innovation analysts have studied the reasons consumers habitually need SDC services and have suggested new types of services.

Marketers to Use Cable TV to Boost Holiday Sales

Digital media may be getting all the buzz lately, but traditional formats, like cable TV have plenty to brag about. The 2013 Holiday Cable Advertising Study just released by Viamedia, and conducted by Harris Interactive, has found that cable TV advertising influences consumers in a big way, especially during the holiday season.

Auto Dealers to Reach Out to Owners After Vehicle Purchase

Auto dealers are intent on selling as many cars as possible so their marketing strategy should include reaching out to buyers who are new to the brand, conquesting, and strengthening loyalty from existing customers. Maritz Research points out that too few dealers are contacting consumers who have purchased a vehicle from them in the past. As a result, they are missing a perfect opportunity to sell to a key audience.

Marketers Reach Multitasking Millennials with Online Video

Researchers have been busy analyzing consumer drift from traditional TV viewing into other forms of content and through a variety of new devices. YuMe has uncovered just how significant this drift is by generation, device and location in its Insights from Multi-Screen Research report. Their findings show the increasing need for marketers to focus on multi-screen promotions when they target younger consumers.

Grocers Rev Up the Fun Factor to Lure Millennials

With Millennials now settling down and having children, they may be opting to buy and cook their own food rather than eat out. Full-service supermarkets have an opportunity to capture some of this spending. The Retail Feedback Group has studied consumer opinions on grocery stores and points out that these retailers must find the right balance between fun and the overall shopping experience to interest Millennials and keep them as long-term customers.

Cable TV News Delivers a Committed Audience

One way for marketers to reach the TV-viewing audience is to target consumers who watch the news. U.S. adults spend a significant amount of time watching local and broadcast news. However, a new analysis from the Pew Research Center on Nielsen data suggests that marketers would do well do purchase ad space on national cable news programming.

Marketers to Connect with Online Boomers through Desktop PCs

Should marketers spend more time courting online Baby Boomers? The results of McAfee’s recent survey show that ignoring this group of consumers could be an opportunity lost for retailers. However, not all Boomers are alike. The young members of this generation, those between the ages of 50 to 61, spend far more time online and make better targets for digital marketing and sales efforts.

Marketers Connecting with Hispanic Sports Fans

With all of the major sports leagues in season right now, marketers have a perfect opportunity to connect with fans of baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey. This is especially true for marketers have also been seeking ways to target Hispanics. According to Nielsen research, Hispanic men are huge sports fans and are particularly receptive to sports-related advertising and sponsorships.

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