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Auto Marketers Promoting Technology to Millennials

Millennials aren’t exactly the top auto buying demographic these days. Automakers hope to change that trend by encouraging these consumers to come into a dealership and take a test drive. One way to improve interest and sales is to promote technology according to a new Next Generation Car Buyer Study from Autotrader​.com.

Seniors Are Clicking Online Video Ads

Is it an anomaly or a real trend? Marketers are asking themselves this question as they study the findings released by Videology regarding the demographics of consumers who are watching online video ads. The firm’s research shows that consumers over age 65 have the highest view completion rate (VCR) and the highest click-through rate (CTR) for this ad format.

More Consumers Planning Big-Ticket Purchases Before December 31

Earlier this year, American Express reported that consumers were feeling better about the economy and would start buying more non-essential items. As we approach the holiday season, an update on that prediction shows that the optimism is holding. At least 51% of consumers expect to make a major purchase between now and the end of the year.

Marketers to Increase Ads Targeting Blacks

Should marketers be doing more to specifically target Blacks with their messages? Blacks, which include African-Americans, make up about 14% of the U.S. population. These 44.5 million consumers are considered the largest racial minority – distinct from Hispanics who are an ethnic minority – in this country. Nielsen research reveals that marketers are cutting, when they should be increasing their spending on their audience.

Florists To Refocus Marketing Efforts to Boost Sales

The gift of flowers is certain to delight to any recipient whether it’s for a special occasion or just a thoughtful gesture. The floral industry is one of several that have been slow to recover from the recession. The new Purchasing Barriers Tracking Study from the Floral Marketing Research Fund shows what’s going on in the industry and what merchants intend to do to increase sales.

Consumer Trust in Advertising on the Increase

Marketers can connect with potential clients through owned, earned and paid media. Each of these media formats makes an impact on consumers in a unique way. Nielsen’s research on consumer trust in advertising shows an improving trend and also links trust to a willingness to make purchases.

Marketers Finding a Profitable Niche in the LGBT Community

The LGBT community is garnering more respect these days as their struggle to achieve equal rights, especially in terms of getting legally married, was officially recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year. Marketers have plenty of reasons to court this demographic. Research shows these consumers control $800 million in annual spending and they consistently reward marketers that are openly friendly to them and avoid those that use insensitive brand and promotional messaging.

Smart TV Viewers A Growing Audience for Marketers

Marketers have new ways to reach TV viewers, especially those with smart connections. Do these alternative ad formats work in the TV environment, especially when coupled with traditional TV ads? Nielsen surveyed consumers to learn about their attitudes on Smart TV ads and their findings are encouraging.

Changing TV Viewing Habits Prompt New Media Purchase Guidelines

TV may still rule as a top form of entertainment and command big advertising money, but consumers are taking more control of their viewing schedule. In one of the biggest studies of its kind, the Ericcson ConsumerLab TV and Media report shows how consumers are changing their viewing patterns. These findings have implications for marketers who are accustomed to reaching a mass audience through this medium.

Marketers to Emphasize Brand Over Price for Home Improvement Products

Are marketers suddenly paying more attention to the differences between the shopping habits of men and women? Yesterday, I reported on a Kelly Blue Book study about gender and auto buying. Today, I want to call your attention to an ICR release that shows how brand and price impact decision making by gender in the home improvement products sector.

Marketers Targeting Latinas via TV and Social Media

Poised to increase their share of the U.S. population from 17% to 23% in the next 20 years, Hispanics, in general, will remain a major market force. At the same time, Latinas appear to be on a similar socio-economic track with their white counterparts. These women are making significant gains in education and employment. This trend gives them increasing control over the $1.2 trillion in Hispanic buying power. Marketers ignore this demographic at their own risk according to Nielsen’s Latina Report 2013.

Automakers Target By Gender in Marketing Campaigns

Automakers are having their best year since the start of the Great Recession. Media reports have even hinted at shortages of some popular models in certain markets. While automakers must be cheering this good news, they aren’t about to let their guard down. They and their dealers face plenty of competition. One way to maintain an edge is to understand the nuances of various target audiences and Kelly Blue Book just released some interesting data points on this topic.

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